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Quiet Splendor: Artist Pamella Allen

​About the Artist:

Pamella Allen is a Jamaican-born, Brooklyn-based visual artist in practice for over 30 years whose works have been exhibited in traditional gallery and non-traditional settings, in site-specific public art corporate commissions for healing spaces such as Bellevue Hospital for the HHC Art-In-Medicine program, community centers and private collections across the globe.

A largely self-taught expressionist artist, Pamella’s work is layered in process. Utilizing traditional acrylic, oil, and encaustic painting, printmaking, sculpture, paper making, collage, Installation, photography/video essay & prose to develop her own archetype, a universal language of images inspired by symbolism, indigenous practices, and the natural world that speak to the diversity of her Jamaican/African heritage and lived experiences as a woman, an immigrant living in the USA, and a world traveler and sailor. “I investigate self through memory, moment, and the mystic of nature.”

Following “a calling to make art with the youth” while living in Africa and then while in residency in India, In addition to her continued studio practice, for the past 12 years, Pamella has been in practice as a teaching artist sharing her creative process with the community in school settings, senior centers, museums, and healing spaces throughout New York with organizations creating site-specific public art mural, mixed media installations, and anthologies for publication. “The benefit to bringing arts practice into collaboration with the community cannot be overstated; it is priceless watching individuals blossom in the wonder of their own creativity and come together to celebrate their unity and diversity by using their creative voice.”


Acrylic and mixed media on archival watercolor paper. Clear and connected to the natural world.


Everything Forever 20.5″x11″ Oil, Intaglio, Ink, and Mixed media on Paper Pamella Allen 20

Penumbra 20″x11″ Acrylic, Encaustic, Oil and Mixed media on rice paper Pamella Allen 2019 (In Private Collection)



Flight 12″x15″ Watercolor, Encaustic, Graphite & Mixed media Pamella Allen 2018


Mineral 19″x37″ Acrylic and mixed media on rice-paper Pamella Allen 2021


Self Study X”-“A Shadow Of My Former Self” Pamella Allen 2010

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