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Post by Brandice Senecal

I’ve been after Brandice Senecal forever…  every day, she posts whimsical photos of her babies, and I told her that Garden Spices needs them!  We got ’em, at least we have those posted the first day of 2019. (I cheated and got a couple more.)  Thank you, Brandice. –Victorine


This morning, I found myself thinking about starting another photo-a-day commitment. I went back and forth, wondering if it was worth the energy… after all, there’s no photographic genius going on over here and SO many days end up with meaningless pictures that get taken because I forgot, and because it takes energy… and I feel so deficient in the energy department.

I got on Facebook, and in my memories were loads of pictures from previous years of taking a picture every day. A lot of them post on Jan 1st, because that’s the date the albums begin. Moments I would have forgotten about…moments I wish I could forget. Pictures that would have never been taken, had I not been forcing myself to. So, here we go again! I’m about to call the kids in here, and give them the bad news 😂

These were just some of the pictures, that showed up in today’s memories, that made my heart really happy.-Brandice Senecal



2015:Day 93- These guys! The best of friends!




Zoe, Aidan, Andrew, & Zion


2017: 12/365- Semi cooperation. She immediately walked away after this.

2017: 59/365- “Mom, the only bad thing about you being home is this picture thing.” – Andrew



119/365- BREAKING: Teenager hugs mom without prompting. 😍


-Brandice Senecal

Beyond motherhood and photography, Brandice Senecal is a Massage Therapist.  Her  studio is in Florence, AL.

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