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New Directions: Take A Stand

No, this is not another suggestion to take action for a social cause – well, maybe it actually is – only the “cause” is about helping you maintain or improve your health.

A lot has been written lately about the need to stay active and move. It’s believed that sitting or standing in a stationary position for long periods of time is detrimental to your health. But for many people, being active all day long is not an option. Many jobs demand that you stay put at a desk and work. There is even a newly designed desk which purports to help with this problem – it lifts so that you can stand and work. This, however, turns out to be just another stationary position that is just as detrimental as sitting. Other jobs require you to stand in a stationary position most of the day.

So what is the answer? Experts in the field of healthy aging have a great suggestion for us all. They suggest that we pay attention and each and every hour we take the time to stand up and sit down or sit down and stand up nine times in a row. This, they say, is the perfect solution to the movement our body needs throughout the day.

So, my friends, let’s take a “stand” for our health. May it support you in living a more healthy and vibrant life. Ashay and Amen! / / (256) 764-1153

Linda Isbell
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