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Native Tongue: Reverse Tie Dying Unitees

Dana’s Tie Dye Wrap Dress


As soon as I saw the tie dyed wearable art, I was smitten.  But never have I experienced the magnitude + the vision of design displayed by Unitees.  I knew we could not capture every piece, but Garden Spices had to show you a hint of what to expect when you browse the Unitees site.    Gate open! – Victorine

Tie dyed tights


Native Tongue is an apparel collection produced by Unitees Inc.Our reverse tiedye, hand made apparel is a collection of original pieces. We call our creations “the Native Tongue Collection” since they speak a language that your soul understands. The style, fit, and hand dyed uniqueness  are for a chosen group of folk who value originality. All of our pieces are made in house which includes: silk-screen printing, embroidery, dyeing, and sewing.

​What is reverse tie-dye? Actually, our technique for tie-dyeing our denim and dark tees is a reverse tie-dye technique. Please let us explain. Most tie-dye is done using a white garment that’s tied, and then dyed; resulting in a rainbow patterned garment. Our technique is in reverse, we start out with Blue/Indigo denim and other dark colored garments. In order to get the vibrant colors to stand out on the blue denim and dark garments, we have to pull out some of the dark color and add color on top. We aren’t able to use bleach, as bleach will cause the fabric to weaken, and oftentimes crumble. We have developed a process for achieving vibrant colors that we are very proud of. The resulting garment is colorfast, and as strong as the piece was intended to be.

​Our graphic tees specialize in positive messages.  Our dyed pieces are one of a kind originals. The dyed pieces are dyed by founder Aaron Johnson and his two children.  In addition to our mission of bringing you quality custom t-shirts, and related apparel, we have also found it our duty to offset some of the negative imagery that is so prevalent in mainstream society. The mission of Native Tongue Apparel is to create communication through fashion. Steadfastly innovative by fusing fashion with information, our thought-provoking attire communicates a message of social awareness; and a process toward inner self, by way of traditional symbols and ancient wisdoms.

​The name Native Tongue derives from a situation of lost communication. At one time, here in America, it was against the law to speak ones Native Tongue.    Our Native Tongue Apparel is an inspirational billboard of perseverance, defiance, and liberation; honoring the elders whose tongues were silenced in adversity.    Native Tongue Apparel incites dialogue and provides a common foundation between neighbors.


Tie-dyed Wrap


Karen’s Butterfly Dress


My Hair is More Than a Style Afro Tee


Know Thyself Tee


Long Sleeve Jumpsuit


Dyed Joggers


Thigh high tall socks


Tie-dyed jacket


Aaron Johnson

Aaron Johnson

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