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Kescorism: Art by Kelvin (Artistk) Ansong

“Kescorism?”  I saw his work, and I had to ask what in the world this art form defines. Kelvin (Artistk) Ansong replied,”KESCORISM is my identity brand. Proceeding with my name Kelvin…… I always want to distinguish my works with circular shapes and colors… Therefore KESCORISM is my own technique. Way that I use shapes and colours to express emotions and actions in life.”  In his own words, and now with his work featured, Kelvin Ansong  is welcomed to the pages of Garden Spices.  Gate open – Victorine

About the Artist

Kelvin Ansong is an emerging Ghanaian Artist, ambitious and passionate while possessing a classic work methodology. As an inspiring African creative fine artist, Kelvin aims to shed light on societal issues through his art. He’s best known for using distinct shapes and curves to create abstract, landscapes, wildlife and portrait pieces.

Kelvin believes in the visual depiction of emotions as another way to grasp the complexity of human nature hence the creation of kescorism which is his main art style. He has artworks Such as destiny , spoken (Series), queen on my own (series) , potentials (series), sweet mother, and many more.

He has held countless exhibitions in places including, Alisa Hotel, The British council, Keteke art and craft, Charlewote, Defia art Gallery, German-Swiss international school, Alliance Francaise (Spoken Exhibition), Columbia Embassy. Ghana (Abstract  and surrealistic) Impact Hub, and Native Bar (Art is my life exhibition) with the occasion graced by the Columbian ambassador to Ghana.








Kelvin Artisk Ansong

Kelvin Artisk Ansong’s work can be found on Instagram where he can also be contacted.

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