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Inner Action

By Robert V Gerard

Inner mind to matter

When you live in a Conscience State of mind, you exemplify self-mastery. Your inner Light or Voice is grounded in wisdom or intuitively bound in that state of existence. I call this Inner Action. With Inner Action, you make decisions that determine an Outer Action, making something happen.

"Our purpose in Life is to sustain Conscience as an Inner Action.

The familiar phrase, "We are created in the image and likeness of God," often does not include how God thinks but how God looks [God being what you perceive God to be]. What is God's intent for humankind? Does He think for Himself or a unified species that is highly functional and compassionate societies?

We are busy creatures on planet Earth and have done a phenomenal job creating magnificent, mind-blowing structures and inventions. But with all those marvelous endeavors, what happened inside the individual's mind? With Conscience, we live in the state of what is compelling us to take the right course of action, and we have determined the moral aspects of right or wrong for ourselves and society.

Are we serving ourselves with poor, reckless thinking, which results in unhealthy decision-making? Unfortunately, that leads to chaos. Or are we astute enough to let our

Conscience guide us to sustain moral principles?

I'll present four aspects that comprise the State of Conscience. The first and most dominant is sustaining "Be in a NOW moment," meaning to be cognizant of your state of mind, not depending on grasping the past or future. The second aspect is Empathy. We are social beings and have instinctual codes of Life to sustain a healthy, happy, united humankind. They are united like the bees who make the best food on Earth. The third is our Emotional Awareness of all our emotions, including those hiding in past lives' archives. These are our wisdom data bank. The fourth is our Moral Reasoning. This aspect embraces morality for the whole of society. The kings and queens are only men and women existing on one platform, Mother Earth. What reigns, however, is the ego that wants something for itself. If imposed, it brings division as ego overrides moral values.

There are gazillions of applications of action, and for clarity purposes, let's agree that Inner Action occurs before making something happen. Now, I will provide my definition of Inner Action; it is the stamp of approval of your intent for movement. Does your decision for action better humankind? It's your gut-level acknowledgment that what you are doing is suitable for all?

Consider action as a noun [a person, place, thing, or an electric impulse], not a verb. For example, the football coach says, "Ok, guys, let's score a touchdown." He's attempting to spark an action; he did not say how or why, but he generated a result [the touchdown] and an action. Action is constructing a fact. It's not a process but proclaims a physical or non-physical achievement. Inner action initiates a process to fulfill a purpose. For example, "Let's bake a birthday cake." Using the four aspects, let's build an Inner Action:

  1. Ascertain that you have a clear head and are mindful of your feelings [Being in the moment].

  2. Envision a delicious birthday cake, sensing that everyone, especially the children, will enjoy [Empathy].

  3. Determine that you or someone else has the capacity and talent to make a cake [Emotional Awareness]. And,

  4. Know that the cake should enhance family and friends and fuse the energy of those eating the cake [Moral Reasoning].

Understand that you have not yet said or presented anything to anyone. It's all in your head, waiting for your intuitive mind's stamp of approval of your intent to manifest a birthday cake.

Every human is a unique, exceptional being with the capacity to serve their betterment and, in doing so, serve the betterment of humankind. We should ascertain whether an Inner Action qualifies before generating its Outer presentation to process an Action.


Dr. Robert V. Gerard

Copyright © 2024 Robert V Gerard

677 words [ 5 April 2024 ]

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