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Hoot, Hoot, Hooray

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A story by Wanda Gail Campbell

Many millions of years ago when God, Goddess, All That Is, whom we shall name GGATI, was thinking of creating humans, a call went out to all the animals of planet Earth for a brainstorming session. When they were gathered GGATI began to explain: “the purpose of being human is to allow for individual souls to experience divinity. You see, while humans are, in fact, divine souls, when they come here, none of them will remember their divinity right away. And in order for them to fully appreciate how truly great they are, they must each one, first, experience, what they are not. For, you see, continued GGATI, one cannot understand greatness and wholeness without first experiencing the opposite condition. So, I see that, at first, each soul will experience a lot of conflicts and egoistic challenges. There will be struggles with other humans and even with you and the environment because they will believe themselves to be separate. Thoughts are quite powerful, you know. But, then at a point when the soul is ready to accept the Truth, revelation of the divine connection should be readily available. So, you see now the challenge is, Where can we store the Truth until each one is ready to know it?”

Instantly, a graceful and enthusiastic dolphin emerged from the ocean and turned a double flip- “Let me take it to the depths of the sea, by the time they discover it, perhaps they will be ready.” GGATI gratefully acknowledged the suggestion then said, “Well, some of them will likely fear the water and never even wade into the ocean. We must make a bit more accessible than that. Other suggestions?”

An energetic raven flew high into the sky and suggested that he take it to the other side of the moon and maybe humans will exercise their creative potential while they search for it. GGATI, again, was appreciative and responded. “I foresee that they will use their intellect to explore the far reaches of space. Still, it’s not a journey that everyone can take, so we must think more individually.”

A reticent and quiet little mole timidly stepped forward, “Excuse me please, but couldn’t I burrow deep into the mountain and deposit divinity there? The first-comers could dig tunnels and make it easier for those who follow.” GGATI carefully considered this idea before saying, “That does seem a bit easier but perhaps some would just stumble in before they are actually spiritually mature and they might end up crazy from finding Truth that they can’t understand. Hmmm, this project is certainly challenging.” And then, just for a moment, there was total silence.

Suddenly, out of nowhere, a wise old owl swooped down and startled everyone- “Hoot, hoot, hooray, I know the way! Let’s put it deep inside each one of them and when they understand Love, they will easily know the Truth about what they really are.” “Why, thank you Owl, that’s perfect!” GGATI exclaimed. “You are, indeed, quite wise.” Everyone applauded as they scurried back to their own homes while GGATI winked and it was done.

POST NOTE: The original story came to me in the mid-90s as I was growing exponentially spiritually. It has since been revised a bit here and there. About 5 years ago, an owl appeared to me. I decided to research the meaning of Owl and found the following online: “When you seek out Owl it is a way of reaching your Higher Self and truly seeing things from a spiritual perspective. …” Very fitting don’t you think?

When you seek out Owl it is a way of reaching your Higher Self and truly seeing things from a spiritual perspective. … You cannot deceive Owl, which is why this Spirit Animal reminds us to remain true to ourselves, our voice and our vision. Owl does not tolerate illusion or secrets.


– Wanda Gail Campbell

Wanda has served thirty plus years as a healthcare professional. Currently, she serves as a Minister of Peace ordained by The Beloved Community. In July, 2007 she completed her PhD in Philosophy focused on Intercultural Peacemaking. For her own spiritual nourishment, she enjoys reading both contemporary and ancient spiritual writings.

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