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Hoop Dreams

I have seen Lyndon Alec perform his Hoop Dancing at least 5 times, and with each performance his warmth and sincerity shine through his obvious agility.  This time, I caught him at the UNA Global event.  He greeted me with a brilliant smile, and after speaking with him, I discovered why his spirit shines through his performance.  Lyndon Alec  is realizing his dreams!  Alec has been performing for over 40 years, and has traveled all over the world, including the Goodwill Games.  He credits his good health and abundance to his dancing.  “Diabetes runs high in our culture,” admits Alec, “but I stay healthy through movement.”


Lyndon Alec

He told me that he is happiest when he is with his family in Texas.  So his answer wasn’t surprising when I asked what wisdom meant to him:

“When I think about wisdom, I think about my grandfather.  When I was real little, he would take his time with us.  He might be out there in the field working, but he would stop and come up to ask us if we were hungry. Of course, we would say “Yes.”  He would drop everything and start cooking for us, and I always think about that.  Awo, (grandfather in our language),  used to drop everything… If our bike had a flat tire, he’d let me burn it, and that’s what I liked to do. I’m the same way now. 

I have 4 grandkids –  3 boys and one little girl.  I’m real proud of them.  I try to set aside time for them, the same as my grandpa did.  I told my wife, “I wanna be the grandpa that my grandpa was to me.  Don’t get me wrong, my mom and dad influenced us to make something out of ourselves.  I’ve enjoyed my life with my Lord in Christ, watching over me and my family, and I give Him thanks for it.”

Lydon Alec with wife, Rebecca

Lyndon Alec with wife, Rebecca


– Lyndon Alec

Lyndon Alec is a member of the Alabama-Coushatta tribe of Texas and is a premier hoop dancer who has performed all over the world, including being featured in the opening of the Goodwill Games in Russia. He’s also performed in Australia and England. The hoop dance is the most difficult of all Native American dances. He is one of the few remaining Alabama Indians. For all booking information, contact Lyndon Alec at his webpage.


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