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Goin’ In: “We Who Believe in Freedom Cannot Rest”

What more can be said about the travesties of injustice that set American souls on fire in 2014?  We were familiar with deaths by the hands of gangs and criminals. We saw this almost daily. What grasped our hearts was the racial profiling we witnessed, the police brutality, the ultimate deaths of unarmed men.  Videos were our eyes, and  we saw atrocities committed by those we entrust for our safety.  Then, a backlash from protest, we saw mental illness take the lives of officers. Death:  The elimination of racial profiling and non-treatment of mental illness. We experienced these tragedies and held on to the coattails of fights for the right to be treated civil.  Protestors worldwide turned an “I” into “WE Can’t Breathe.” We were called upon to take action — stand, speak, march, write, post, pray, BE. And this time, the revolution WAS/IS televised!

Who has this work to do in 2015?  Each of us, as individuals are called upon from our own tribal perspective to get busy.  Even within our polarization, we must find a way to come together to discuss our differences.  It is the only way the inevitability of shifting to a place of peace will commence.  Collectively, we must work, and in this field of diversity, we who believe in freedom must heed the call.   It takes STRENGTH!

At the spiritual hub of Garden Spices,  Living Spirit, a diverse group of folks met shortly after the Garner decision.  In this tiny sanctuary in North Alabama, the Shoals area, there were those who would not see racism at the core of the death of these men, Brown, Garner, or the 12-year-old, Tamir Rice.  Nor did they see the injustices that persist in the American judicial system.  The discussion resulted in at least one transformational understanding of racism and an agreement by all to take action to make a change.  They decided to do a video.

The intention of their video was to initiate one action that would make a difference in race relations.  They decided they needed to stop being fearful and say something.  Hence, the group Say Something Shoals, is now proactively working to validate, eliminate, and heal the wounds of racism.  Their video, Say Something is activated by love:

This video is an initiation of what our hub of diversity will yield.  We at Garden Spices are committed to be a voice for global justice. Our voice will always emanate from a place of love, but we will “stand, speak, march, write, post, pray, BE.”

Ella’s Song is a tribute to the words of Ella Baker a young  activist and organizer for racial justice during the Civil Rights era.  It is amazing to see young folks rise to fight for justice all over the world. They epitomize strength.



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