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Goin’ In: Sketch of Urban Renewal


You see

there was a corner bar that was just a block away from the bus line.

Because it was contaminated with

I never knew what,

My mama made me walk on the other side of the street.

And then

There was Skeet’s store and, (please somebody help me remember),

that other store on Normal,

not Brook’s…that was on 57th Street.

Each street boasted lined homes with folks that sat on the porch.

Looming projects grew towards 59th Street, before you got to the Drug Store

Both, gone.

I came back to see

the streets and alleys that kept us busy

to remember

Penny, Raymond, and Rocky ‘n ‘nem

to recapture

the smell of double dutch, hopscotch, and

my walks to school each day.

I came back and found

soul less flat lands

Life, all sold, bought,

and silenced

by the railroad people


Enduring seeds of hope are sprinkled in

the green grass.

Copyright© 2017 Victorine


Vicki Goldston Founder, Editor-in-Chief


Originally from Chicago, Vicki Goldston, (Victorine), calls Florence, AL, in the Shoals area home.  She has three children, (including a son-in-love), and 3 grand children, all who add texture to the fabric of her life.

Teaching Conscious Living through God Within You, Vicki is the Pastor Emeritus of Living Spirit Church, an Independent,  New Thought ministry, in Florence, AL. Minister Vicki is an Inspirational Speaker;  a Contributing Author of a Chicken Soup book, The Miracle of Tithing, by Mark Victor Hansen; and the author of her own book, Be S.A.F.E. (Still, Aware, Faithful, and Excellent).  She is the president of Camp Goldston Publishing, LLC. and the founder of Garden Spices Magazine. She facilitates her workshop, Abundance Therapy, and is the Founder/Facilitator of Revelations:  A Ministry.  She is also a member of the CORE Drummers and of the former African dance troupe, POZA. 

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