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From the Cradle to the Rocking Chair

My grandmother told me, when I was just a little baby, my mother used to put me to bed for the night, before she came over to babysit.  Apparently, if I knew grandma was there I wouldn’t sleep and cried and fussed the whole time she was watching me.  Who knew I had such “Power” over the situation, while still in my cradle.  I learned quickly how to get what I wanted, attention, food, cuddling, etc.   When I think about how powerless and sorry for myself I have felt in my life, I remember back to that story from long ago.

Realizing that power over my life is a mindset and I am not a victim, makes me understand how important positive thinking and envisioning are to having the life I want.  I have the God-given power to do all things through his strength.  I’ve been pretty pathetic sometimes, but recognizing this powerful mindset, has led me down the road to all kinds of discoveries.

When I married my husband, Ken, I got an instant family.  He had custody of his three sons.  They were ages 17, 14 and 11.  Being a stepmom was a real challenge.  I never had children of my own, so this was a real eye opener.   You all are familiar with how children play one parent against the other.  Natural parents struggle with this too.  My husband and I made a decision to retain the “Power” in our family.  We stood united in our words, actions and decisions with the kids.  If we didn’t agree, they didn’t know.  We discussed it in private.   I’m sure this didn’t make a hit with the children but our marriage stood strong.  Not to say we didn’t have our share of little problems and a few huge ones in rearing them.  However, we retained the “Power” in our family.  Fortunately, today they have good lives of their own.  Their dad died a few years ago, but I am still in their lives and have a couple of awesome grandkids to boot.  The best part is that they love me and I love them.


I am in awe of the “Power” of compost.  My garden has exploded from the rich fertilizer, which I spread on my garden this spring. I even have bonus plants. The compost has volunteered tomato plants, squash and to my surprise cantaloupe plants. It’s beautiful how last year’s grass and vegetable scraps will produce this year’s bounty. I am already enjoying fresh vegetables and sharing them with friends.

I am now retired and single.  I face the problems all seniors do.  Health issues, money worries and relationship questions.  But I have “Power” to control my life.  I can choose to be a bitter old woman who could care less about anyone except me.  Or I can choose to be kind, loving and there for others.  Do I want to be miserable in my circumstances or do I want to look at my life with hopeful expectancy?  One day at a time, I exercise the “Power” of my mind to make the best decisions.  Every day I try to learn something new. Even learning a new word is a delight.  And some days I just enjoy sitting in my rocking chair, watching the birds outside.  I have the “Power” to decide!

– Peggy Havlik Posch

A retired caterer and florist Peggy has lived in Chicago, Northwestern Indiana and Florida. Passionate about gardening Peggy now calls Killen, AL her home.  Gardening has given her the  ability to be patient. Peggy also loves animals and has raised birds, cats and dogs. Animals make my spirit hum. She is learning to be friends with snakes. She feels like Dr. Doolittle and is at her happiest when she is in her garden, playing with and observing her pets.

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