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Foundations of Unity

By Robert V Gerard



Photo by Gary Butterfield on Unsplash

The notion of Unity is widely accepted. However, for some people, the foundations and uses of Unity need to be thoroughly understood. Applications of Unity are myriad and, in many cases, unseen from the normal eye. It would be good to explore the sources that perpetuate Unity daily. Another point of view concerns the emanation of Unity, whether internally or externally driven. 

At the onset, Unity is a function of the Feminine Universal Consciousness. I would love to say that Unity exists on the cosmic level. When I see the cosmos at night and gaze at its consistency, I trust the activity in the heavens to know that the universe is alive and functioning. It is also a statement of cosmic Unity, cosmic thought, and cosmic intelligence integrated to sustain itself and perpetuate; it must have a Unified field of Unity Consciousness. The higher order of unity consciousness serves as a means for intellectual and social survival.

From what history tells us, a person, alone in the wilderness, has less chance of survival than a group of people. Thus, the tribal-level activity of life is more guaranteed as a unified group. It needs to communicate for the unified groups to exist or sustain itself. In this sense, communication is a vital aspect of Unity. Survival is what togetherness is all about. 

The other essential thing relates to energy flow. Energy is a natural and cosmic process stemming from ethereal sources. Gravity is an energy process that keeps things together as well as keeps things in motion. So, Unity is not static but highly dynamic. For example, when playing native-type drums in a group. When I lived in the Sierra Nevada Mountains in California, I would make a phone call into my phone tree of people of drumming people—informing the group that we'll have a drumming session on a Friday night at my house. There, I found something very unique. Our group was equally mixed with male and female drummers. It was fun starting up the group to generate a rhythm. And after a while, everybody got in, and they drummed, unifying their feelings and rhythm. 

One night, I tried an experiment and asked that only the men drum. So, the male group consists of about eight people, including myself. I played on a large djembe drum that offers a bass tone. As the male group started, I noticed, within a few moments, that a few males began to compete and seek to take the lead. Soon, I found myself moving higher up the ladder, also attempting to take the lead. We then became more competitive. It was fun, but my hands were getting tired. 

Then, I asked the ladies to play as a group, which I did not partake in. I noticed the ladies were more connected and softly achieving some rhythm. I noticed that the woman played to unify their sounds as a collective. Their sounds were more peaceful and rhythmic than the gents. They also achieved a melody to it, whereas the men did not. 

Another example was when I was taking a music introduction class in college. The professor commented on his playing in an orchestra consisting of 120 musicians. He kept on making the same mistake while strumming a particular note. The conductor was keen enough to pick that up instantly. The professor continued to inform the class that the conductor knows every note played by every musician in the orchestra, including that one note the professor misplayed. Consequently, my professor was asked to leave. Sorry about that, Professor Joe.

On a higher plane, karma and world peace depend on Unity. When you have leaders of nations who assert their power and dominance, they play a different tune, contrary to unity consciousness. They demonstrate a power-like consciousness, a form of auto autocracy or dictatorship. This political schema is devoid of Unity as opposed to a democratic form of government, which tends to advocate Unity and freedom for all.

No matter where you are or where you're going, you can easily sense the gist of Unity working in favor of humankind as a foundation for existence. On the contrary, the realms of conflict usually settle in and reduce the livelihood of an organism, a family, a tribal existence, or a society.

It is without question that Unity Consciousness is the foundation of social existence, peace, and harmony. So, when playing music that offers sound, rhythm, tempo, and melodic harmonics, the musicians must sustain tightness and Unity to enjoy the beauty of music. 

It is Unity that keeps a relationship functioning and harmonious. In team sports, the Unity of each team member plays for the team, not themselves, as in good politics that creates a winning team. 

Unity keeps the mind, body, and soul functioning and harmonious. Energy flow must sustain balance, especially for those in the ethereal and spiritual communities. Keeping each chakra clean and in balance with other chakras becomes crucial to maintaining a healthy, vibrant body, mind, and soul. Above all, knowing the foundations of Unity, Unity Consciousness, and Social Unity Consciousness becomes vital to sustaining one's position in society and society's position on the global level. More attention needs to be paid to the attributes of Unity that exist in our everyday lives. 

Here are five primary categories of Unity Consciousness:

· Unity of Organism: cellular composition and bodily health

· Unity of Family: peaceful existence and relationships

· Unity of Community: towns, countries, political, and environmental. 

· Unity of Words: speaking accurately, mastering the written [tabloids, poems, books].

· Unity of Color: mastering art forms and human diversity


One of the highest sensations of becoming One with the Universe is becoming One with Another. That's done by making Love beyond the need for physical sensation.


Dr. Robert V. Gerard 

Copyright © 2024 Robert V Gerard

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