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Updated: May 6, 2023

Columnist, M. LaRae, The Positive Power of You

The question is, "How do we sustain our energy?" So, my next question is, what energy are we talking about? Is there a difference? Is there a separation of the physical, emotional, and spiritual energy? What do we mean by our energy? We could be discussing our physical stamina, emotional strength, or spiritual connection to a higher realm. If we wear down our physical bodies, we need to recharge. Typically, that means rest, nourishment, and maybe exercise. However, when we feel our emotional and spiritual bodies are worn down, we usually lean toward counseling, therapy, and spiritual gatherings and events for support and guidance. We are learning that these individual energy fields work together to create the whole being. Recognizing that each one works independently and is completely intertwined with the others, our healing methods can now include practices to focus on the entire being instead of separate entities. What happens in our physical body affects our emotional and spiritual field on an energetic level. What happens in our emotional and spiritual bodies also affects our physical bodies. Everything about us is energy. We are a non-stop flow of electromagnetic energy in biological motion. Every part of our physical body is an electrical wavelength and, therefore, a frequency. Our emotions radiate from us at different wavelengths; consequently, they are frequencies. Our spiritual field flows in and around our physical body through energy meridians and the chakras and therefore is also an electromagnetic field of frequency. All our frequencies create an amazing orchestra of energetic fields that can flow harmoniously and healthily or skip and drag like a needle-scratched vinyl record. As we learn to care for the whole being, we can incorporate energy field healing and physical healing. Our whole being can sustain us through life’s ups and downs and those curves. I believe there is a strong progressive shift in our world today regarding the understanding that we are more than these individual energy factors. Many schools of thought share the collective concept that we are intertwined energetically. Although labeled as new age concepts, these ideas date back to ancient times. According to Richard Boyd of the Energetics Institute, many of these ideas are anything but new:

“The concept of the existence of a human energy field and energy medicine can be found in eastern cultures such as Indian Vedic scripts, Tibetan Buddhist, and Chinese medical systems, in varying forms, stemming back thousands of years. There is actually a relationship that can be seen between emotion and energy and this is looked at through The Science of Human Energy Fields.

Each has variants to both their proposed functioning architecture of this psycho-physical system, as well as its operative functions, but overall there is a consensus that indeed an energy system exists within and surrounding the human body and affect both physical and emotional health.” -Richard Boyd / Energetics Institute Explore ways to add energy balancing and clearing into your daily and physical routines. Some examples are Reiki, massage, yoga, sound healing, acupuncture, mindfulness, and meditation. These healing practices are based on the concept of the human energy field and aim to balance and restore the flow of energy within the body to promote physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being. Your Life is Your Flow and Always Your Choice. Namaste


M. LaRae

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M. Larae

M. LaRae M.Sc. Metaphysician and Reiki Master M. LaRae, M.Sc.

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