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Change = Unknown

Fear of the unknown is one of the most prevalent of human fears. Another word for unknown is change. As children most of us are taught to control our behavior in certain ways. We are taught to make every effort to keep ourselves safe. To step into the unknown, to embrace the process of change, is to let go of control. What will I do, how do I act, what if I do something wrong? What if something bad happens to me? How do I keep myself safe? Yet every moment leads us into the unknown. We really don’t have any choice about that. We can ignore it, refuse to pay attention to what is happening around us and within us, but we are pushed forward and outward relentlessly.

As humans in the physical experience we have no option about change. Change happens every second of every minute of every day. We do, however, have many options for choosing how that change will take place.

Your cells are shedding and creating as you read this. How is your mind directing that creation process? Are you sending the energy of love and gratitude to them, or are you blaming your body for all your negative issues?

Painting by Carol Landry (2008)

Painting by Carol Landry (2008)

Our thoughts are both creative and attractive. What are you creating right now? What are you attracting into your experience this minute and every minute? Continue on your inner journey by identifying those thoughts that no longer serve you.

An acquaintance shared her process for release and renewal. On the evening of the new or waxing moon, the moon of increase, she writes out her desires for the coming month and then burns the paper in a ritual fire releasing it to the energy of the universe. On the full moon that begins the waning process she writes out that which she is ready to let go and again releases it in a ritual fire. This monthly process of release and renewal keeps her inner spirit open ready for change.

The dictionary has many definitions for the word change. These three seemed to describe the process we humans experience as change: 1. To become different or undergo alteration: 2. To undergo transformation or transition: 3. To go from one phase to another.

It takes a lot of practice to become comfortable with personal alteration and transformation, to move into and out of different phases in our lives. However, practice makes perfect. As we allow ourselves to be aware of the ongoing process of change, we can release our fears and embrace the joys of living in this amazing and extremely transient experience we call life.

– Rev. Carol Landry

Rev. Carol Landry is Minister of Unity Church on the Mountain and a community activist that touches the universe.  As Program Manager for Interfaith Mission Service in Huntsville, AL she develops and leads programs bringing people of diverse religious backgrounds to work together in the community. She is interested in Human Rights, Civil Rights, Social Action, Art and Culture.

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