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The foundation of our relationship with God can be found in this Biblical statement:

“In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.”       (The Eternal Word… John 1:1) and, “the Word became flesh.”[John 1:14]

I doubt that most people have any inkling of what the subject Biblical statement really means or cares about either. But if a few of you care, it all boils down to the subject of your relationship with God and how it was this presented to mankind.

I guess the real issue begins in the old Hebrew text written in Masoretic around 2 BC. It was then subject to a series of Greek translations starting with the Koine then from Coptic to Old Latin and eventually into numerous English translations. So you can see over time how John’s initial phrases (John 1:1) of the word “WORD” (which meant that the Word of God, or principle of divine reason and creative order). If that wasn’t complicated enough, was this Biblical statement John’s emphatic revision: “the Word became flesh.”[John 1:14] an attempt to put a new definition into the meaning.

Three critical notions are being revealed within this phenomenal biblical statement: “… in the beginning…” the notion of the “Word”, and finally “Flesh”. Each carries great significance. There exist a chronological or sequential order within this statement that sets the tone for controversy.

Where does God enter this picture or is God encompassed into it already? Something profound has found its way into Biblical scriptures, which can be disputed as the greatest moment in time and space speculation. Is this God-Human event depicted in the Bible the beginning of Unity Consciousness? How do you personalize this epic moment?

Where do you stand? It may be enlightening for you to frame a position about it and examine how that may affect the values of your Life. If you have a few moments to meditate, where time and space disappear, then you might catch the authenticity and power behind this scripture. Do challenge yourself because your Life could change based on your observation. [Take a moment to meditate.]

Did you sense a beginning or was it just being in a floating continuum? Was God present?Were you consciously present? If you physically or intuitively heard a voice, what would you conclude? What was John trying to reveal?

Scientists agree that the beginning of the Universe was initiated by what they described in their Big Bang Theory. So is this the very exact moment that our Biblical phrase infers? What was God revealing for us to provoke such a Biblical inclusion within the first chapter of the Old Testament? Secondly, is it important for us to know when this Biblical phrase occurred? Did anything exist before the so-called Big Bang? One can conclude: “In the “beginning” of WHAT?

And now we need to focus on the notion of the “Word.” The “Word” could mean anything and everything. Words have intent. Therefore, the “Word” was mentally preconceived. Something was being communicated, to say the least.

Objectively, the use of the word “Word” precedes the intent of the phrase “…in the beginning”. The position taken by this Biblical statement could either be simultaneous or consubstantial.

I find it difficult to determine the intent and need as purported in this Biblical statement. And what “WORD” was actually said or what was the notion of the word “WORD.” Sometimes I sense that the Biblical Phrase was actually a riddle. Think of it: #1: What gets wetter and wetter the more it dries? Solution #2: You throw away the outside and cook the inside. Then you eat the outside and throw away the inside. [Webster’s Dictionary].

A little insight will help. Try to avoid thinking of the notion “Beginning” from a linear perspective. That orientation requires the creation point before the “Beginning”, requiring the creation also to have a beginning. Linear thinking embraces an End as well. That being said, infers then our Biblical statement suggests that the “in the beginning” is ongoing—beginning and ending—moment-by-moment: eternally. Think how that would look!

I can conclude that the first few Biblical statements of the Bible actually attempted to reiterate the message to mankind that you and God are ONE.

It has become clear to me that this Biblical statement purports that essence of God was empowered upon mankind. But through so many attempts to translate and communicate this most important fact has eradicated into oblivion as mankind continues to kill each other with their preconceive notions about God and the tumultuous wars that followed trying to prove their nonsense.

As an after thought, everything has a beginning and an ending, accept for taxes.

Have Fun, Peace and Health,

Dr. Robert V. Gerard

© 2016 Robert V Gerard


-Dr. Robert V. Gerard

Robert V. Gerard brings 49+ years experience in Senior Management, Financial and Marketing. He currently serves as a Senior Partner within Green Way Pavements directing Financial, Marketing and Training Operations. Previously Dr. Gerard was the publisher of Oughten House Publications. He keeps a super positive attitude and enjoys presenting information to enlighten individual pursuits in both personal and business sectors. Dr. Gerard’s educational and professional qualifications include AAS (Associate in Applied Science) in Civil Engineering Technology; B.S. in Social Psychology; M.S. in Human Resources Management; and a, Doctorate in Metaphysical Philosophy and Spiritual Psychology.

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