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Balance Restored


Hello, my name is Sam Cowan and yes, I did it, but there are a lot of reasons why I did what I did. Here’s the story:

The two most powerful people in the world were MEGA and D00M.  MEGA was the strongest woman in the world, not just because she could fly and lift buildings.  It was mostly her fans, they were crazy! Her arch nemesis was D00M. He was the king of villains, and no one ever liked the man.  It was weird, but MEGA and DooM seemed like friends.  When people found out they were dating, everyone was shocked. I was too. Weirdly enough, everyone loved them together.  I was the only one that even thought something was up.

They were all everyone talked about, and they had all the interviews and money, but in my opinion, the problem was balance. D00M was still hurting people but MEGA did not budge because he was her soon-to-be husband. Then they got married and all the superheroes and villains were there to watch history in the making. Seven years later they had kids who had powers, but this was when everything changed. MEGA ran for president. Her whole slogan was that she would give people super powers.  By powers, she meant steroids that had terrible consequences. Of course, she got elected President of the United States, and everyone had the steroids that gave them powers. The steroids got into the hands of the wrong people, and in a nutshell, the world was now messed up.

There was the balance of good and evil, but now, there was more evil. The steroids had infected children, parents, and more and more people were dying.  It was like a war. After all this mayhem I got to do an interview with MEGA and D00M, for Superhero News Network, SNN. When I interviewed them the first word I said was balance. I said balance because they ruined the world, and the steroids had turned 82% of all human beings evil! There was very little good left.  MEGA looked at me and said, ‘Well it is not my problem, they took the steroids  themselves.” I was shocked.  She had been corrupted by D00M. I looked at D00M and asked him, “How are you two going to solve this?” D00M replied, “We are going to repopulate and destroy earth.”

I was now feeling angry all the time about what they were doing. I kept thinking about how they both ruined our planet. I had to do something live. There was a trap door with a bomb underneath the building. Everyone had left the building, but myself, MEGA, and D00M. I pressed a button and the whole building exploded!

I know what you are thinking, “How are you telling us this story.” I will leave that question unanswered. But I will say that today, balance has been restored!


-Morgan Bennett is a fan of super heroes.  He is 12 years old and attends Kilby Laboratory School in Florence, AL.  He lives with his mom and dad and his brother, Christian, and he spends time with his grandmother, Vicki.  He is interested in sports, (he wrestles), history, and he loves animals.

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