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Art Inspired: Dymond Phillips

Isis Revisited

Garden Spices featured renowned artist and friend, Ronnie Phillips, a few years ago. This summer, I viewed the art of talented Dymond Phillips, Ronnie’s daughter, and I couldn’t help but wonder how he inspired her. As it turns out, she told me, “Both of my parents inspired me,” Phillips explained. “My mother is a fashion designer.” Indeed, Phillips has artistic roots. Her mother, Darlene Jackson, is a noted Fashion Designer, whom you will also meet during this issue., but here and now, meet Dymond PhillipsVictorine


Artist Bio

Artist, Dymond Phillips, who says painting “fills me with joy,” is known for her creatively bold and colorful artwork.  Born in Los Angeles, California, raised in Stone Mountain, Georgia, Dymond started painting at the age of ten.  She grew up in a creative environment.  Her mother and father are both artists and she naturally developed a love for art.  When she was a child her father, always enrolled her in after school and summer art programs.  When he was painting, he’d have her beside him, helping create her own images.

Following in her father’s footsteps, Dymond became a portrait and landscape artist.  Her medium is watercolor, acrylic, and oil.  She has won best of show and an honorable mention award in college competitions.  She also travels with her father to art festivals where he features some of her work.  Dymond has earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Art Studio at Georgia State University in 2017.  She is now currently marketing and selling her artwork online, in galleries, and art venues.




Deep Space

Up and Away(1)

Creating the Galaxy




Fine Wine


Dymond Phillips

Dymond’s bag on the set of Mixed…ish

Contact information:


4990 Mainstreet Park Dr

Stone Mtn GA 30088

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