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An Artist’ Perspective : Mikel Elam

This was one of the two paintings Miles and I collaborated on for his Paris reunion show. It was created for a show which was the last summer of his life. Basically the last tour in France. We worked on it in the spring of that year 1991in a hotel room in Germany. The production designers took the smaller paintings (2)and reproduced them in a larger format for stage. The smaller paintings were not that small either. Standing in front is bass player Richard Patterson. I’ve had a rich life. Not that it’s over. It could have easily gone in a different direction. This is what I think.

You first have to dream it and visualize it. You also have to constantly believe it’s possible. Then you have to go after it. So my vehicle was through being a creative. I had very few people who could lead me in that direction when I was young. There was one woman who is no longer with us who saw that in me and subtly gave me a push. I struggled with confidence in myself also mixed with strange moments of ego. Because as humans we are always comparing ourselves. We do need our egos but not as much as you think. We need humility more.

We need heart soul and compassion more. We are all not meant to be rich or famous unless we really want it. We are able to see our dreams realized. Whether it be a partner and children or traveling the world. Just be your most authentic self. Forget what someone said about you yesterday. It doesn’t matter. What matters is what do you think about yourself. The path will become clearer as you walk it. Like a beacon of light.



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