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Your True Inner Voice

Wisdom is the component of the mind. Wisdom speaks. It’s your Inner Voice. Wisdom is not knowledge, rather the collective of all your experiences, from all Life-times.

Wisdom is a gift from God. It is what allows us to move forward in Life: an eloquent processing tool, so to speak. How else can you plow through Life and emotionally succeed. You get rewards for listening and expand your creations with greater confidence.


“Sing like no one’s listening,

love like you’ve never been hurt,

dance like nobody’s watching,

and live like it’s heaven on earth.”

— Mark Twain (1835-1910)


Living in the moment best serves the application of wisdom. It speaks only in the now. Not to use your wisdom can mount to be a blow to your progress, as wisdom reflects your personal truths.

There’s probably no end to topics and concepts surrounding wisdom. Every article or journal on this topic should prove motivating. One can even write on the aspect that “Perfect Wisdom” is indeed a God-like Attribute.

What I’d like to mention focuses on the fact that your DNA serves as your biological computer chip for the accumulation of all your wisdom. Right within you is your depository of all you previous human history and how you experienced it. There’s only one doorway into this depository. And to get there, you have to listen. Listen carefully to what is being shared with you by your Inner Voice… not your ego.

How does wisdom serve you? That’s simple: intrinsically, it provides you critical input in service to your Highest Good. Another way of putting it, wisdom is that inner cop, lawyer, doctor, psychologist and grandparent—people whom you can trust.

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Every intent that echoes from your mind is recorded in your DNA. Every experience you have experienced has been equally and profoundly recorded in your DNA as well. Combined, you have a “Fail-Safe” advisory system within you… but you have to listen. Unfortunately, most people do not pay too much attention to what is uttered from deep inside. It’s easily and more comforting to be told or suggested by others, including your ego.

The biological wisdom within your DNA is equally complemented by your psychological function. Mind and Matter work in unison. Capture what music is being played, and you’ll find some dependable answers.

In the July Issue of Times magazine, I read an article about how scientists today have found a way to read what’s in your blood cells not by a sample blood test, rather by wavelengths of infrared light. Medical scientists are finding ways to send specialized pharmaceuticals to targeted areas within your human genome (April, Scientific America magazine). Why, because that’s where the answers are.

The whole point for this article is listening… to your Inner Voice. That’s where wisdom resides. Since we are all Divine Beings, we have a Divine Design. And within that scope of LIFE, we all have Divine Destinies. We have a lot more to explore and learn. Listening to your wisdom facilitates your progress with least pain.

As my beautiful wife, Zeljka, puts it: “Ask! ‘Ask and you shall receive,’ Command that your wisdom guide you by asking your Inner Powers for its services. That definitely speeds up the progress. Reach out and definitely listen!

Millennia after Millennia, we have been soul journeying through many Life-times gathering valuable information of what we created and how we emotionally fared with each creation. We have accumulated a vast inventory of personal facts needed for us to pace our way into the next millennium. What a gift! Let’s not only stop to smell the roses, but to LISTEN!

Have Fun. Peace and Health,

– Dr. Robert V. Gerard © 2015

Robert V. Gerard brings 49+ years experience in Senior Management, Financial and Marketing. He currently serves as a Senior Partner within Green Way Pavements directing Financial, Marketing and Training Operations. Previously Dr. Gerard was the publisher of Oughten House Publications. He keeps a super positive attitude and enjoys presenting information to enlighten individual pursuits in both personal and business sectors. Dr. Gerard’s educational and professional qualifications include AAS (Associate in Applied Science) in Civil Engineering Technology; B.S. in Social Psychology; M.S. in Human Resources Management; and a, Doctorate in Metaphysical Philosophy and Spiritual Psychology.


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