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Welcome to the first issue of Garden Spices “Now, Heal!”

Welcome to Garden Spices Magazine!

The gate of Garden Spices (GS) opens to a vibrant array of living colors, shapes, life expectancies, and fragrances — diversity. Embracing diversity is what the world is commanding of us, as we make our way into an awareness of change. This awareness rattles our bones socially, politically, spiritually, and it can have an effect on how we feel and act towards each other. The idea is that if we expose our differences, we can ultimately explore how to understand each other — to find and become the garden.

caroline, sarah, tiffany and cam

Caroline, Sarah, Tiffany, Camille

The gate will open every other month, and each issue will use a one word theme to ignite the articles in GS. “Heal” is the tall order of this issue; heal, as it relates to all the categories we have to offer:

  1. Art – Fine and Performing Arts

  2. Beliefs – Religion, Spirituality

  3. Cuisine – All about food: gathering and preparation

  4. Earth and Air – Stories and experiences related to land and/or air

  5. Melting Pot – Diversity of people

  6. Modalities – The way we do what we do

  7. Perspective – Our viewpoints: social, political and spiritual

  8. Style –  Fashion, Decor

  9. Vision – Our children

We have contributors from all over the world who have volunteered their time and effort to this project/love. Some have broad-spectrum viewpoints; others do not. They all share their thoughts on healing — how they do it and what the world needs to do it, and they are nothing less than wonderful.  This is where you find them:

Contributors, Guest Contributors, and their article titles —  Gardeners (Listed by first and last name.)


We intend to be interactive. We welcome your comments and your own perspectives. Our mission is clear, and we are ready to get this party started. So…

Gate open!

Vicki Goldston, aka, Victorine


Garden Spices Magazine

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