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“We can all Muse a little music”

  1. Music is [a doorway to] abundant life. The paths play unconditionally, [loving] with an affinity of rhythm. Still, when it’s time to, rest, [you], rest [easily].

  1. Music is like [living] colors. It doesn’t matter how many [keys] you obtain. You may never [make it] through, life if you don’t play and [color].

  1. Music is like guards you’ll need [it], sooner and later.

  1. Music [distracts,] as a hard can [while creating].

  1. Music helps as it [endures] the world through dark spots and dirty passages.

  1. Music is [life’s rest.]

  1. Music is, [for] those who write, [many] reminders to practice daily.

  1. Music is [shades] of the trees, covering, cooling and free.

  1. Music is [for better] with age [or worse] with time.

  1. Music is [love] at war with signs, notes and keys.

  1. Music is for the [beautiful,] bloody, silky and smooth.


“I aspire to be well rounded in the art of life, where music sharpens the mind and dance conditions the body.”

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