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Visiting Tresie Lewis Kinnell

Kinnell’s mom, Glenda Williams

On my road trip to the homecoming for Prarie View A&M University, I experienced the welcome and warmth of an overnight visit with Tresie Lewis Kinnell. Housed in Frisco, TX, outside of Dallas, this subdivision, for me, was reminiscent of the brownstones in Chicago. Kinnell’s house had its architectural personality, and while the outside reflected landscaped row houses of the past, the contemporary flavor of the interior was inviting. Upon my greeting Kinnell, I recognized the mirrored, glowing smile of her mother, my friend Glenda Williams. Kinnell’s youthful appearance belied her formal title, Judge Tresie Lewis Kinnell.

I was immediately taken by the flow of the open space, with minimalist décor, with blue accents. As a federal judge, Kinnell explained that she frequently works from home and that with entertaining family and friends/ fans of the San Francisco 49ers, comfort is a must. While the first floor was dedicated to easy living for the now empty nesters, Tresie and husband, Derryl, upstairs housed 3 bedrooms, 2  adult playrooms, and two baths.

I featured just a bit of the Kinnell home,  but I was both comfortable and grateful for my visit! – Victorine


Front of house with a photobomb from Kinnell’s uncle, William Leroy Kennedy.

Foyer and corner comfort in the living room.  Family dog, Saban, relaxes. (Roll Tide).


In the flow of the living room, dining area, and kitchen. One clean sweep of openness for easy entertaining. The Roman Shades are effective, yet simple.


Something for “Tidying Up” fans, a cupboard. Kinnell admits to being a little over the top in her organizational habits.


Continuing the flow of the ground floor, Saban relaxes in the sizeable Master Bedroom which flows right into the master bath and walk-in closet.

Kinnell salutes her sorority, Alpha Kappa Alpha with her whimsical room for relaxation.

Combining passions, the SF logo, turns pink!


Judge Tresie Lewis Kinnell

Tressie and Derryl

While having obtained a Masters Degree in Pastoral Counseling at Liberty University, a Masters Degree in Christian Studies at Union University, Judge Kinnell is now an Administrative Law Judge at Social Security Administration.  She and Derryl have 2 children, Taylor and Derryl, and the occasional visitor, Saban, the family dog.  Judge Kinnell is passionate about family, serving her community, AKA and the 49ers.

Derryl and Taylor Kinnell

Vicki Goldston Founder, Editor-in-Chief GARDEN SPICES MAGAZINE


Founder, Editor-in-Chief


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