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This Issue: Expectations

Camp Goldton logo: Firing up transformation!

Happy New Year!

Notice the images symbolizing transformation throughout this issue - dragonflies, butterflies - to set the intentions for 2024. The broad spectrum of categories highlighted by Garden Spices reflects the many talents of our Contributors. They frequently post recent achievements, to which I always ask, "What 'cha doin'?" before I share their news. They all exceed my expectations in talent and generosity, and I enter 2024 with nothing less than gratitude. Indeed, our Contributors are transformative.

My gratitude also extends to you. We enter into the New Year with a healthy forecast, with topics that include all matters of global society, and we continue to invite you to join our voices. This year, I ask each of you, "What'cha doin'?" What impact are you making on the universe?

The only requirement is to show up authentically - hold high consciousness, take action where needed, and always from the heart. We understand our assignment and affirm high expectations as we continue the mission of Garden Spices Magazine. #transformation

Vicki Goldston aka Victorine, Founder, Editor-in-Chief

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