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This Issue: Change

I’ve always had a grudge against change.  As soon as I settle into a level of comfort or despair, something unrecognizable or RECOGNIZABLE  happens and smacks me upside my head to make a move!

Shaari Heaven

Shaari Heaven

That’s what change does.  It moves and shakes us up, allows us to expand and grow. In Days of Heaven, our featured Contributor, photographer, Shaari Heaven has had her share, (pun intended), of experience in her young life!  I must say that this issue of Garden Spices had me on the cliff, ready to take flight.

Enter the Garden Gate to find our Contributors cultivating change from every perspective.   From the possibility of changing DNA to getting out of our own way to change, our Contributors share how this word speaks to them, challenges them, and ultimately CHANGES them.

Gate open!

-Vicki Goldston, aka, Victorine


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