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This Issue: Belief


Ye ye Omileye in prayer Photo from:

I know it’s a challenge.  With this paradigm shift and everything coming up and out, it’s a challenge to believe we are at the core of ultimate unfolding.  The revolution of young spirits, all hues, faiths, and beliefs are the driving force of this process.  They give us politics, health, earth and social consciousness with raw vision, and they are chomping at the bit for change.   Us elders are here, teaching/learning and supporting.  As Bob Dylan sang in the 60’s, “Get out of the new one, if you can’t lend a hand.  For the times they are a-changin’.”  Believe it, in 2016!

Our Contributors look to their souls to see how this word, belief, has shaken them up.  While young girls from Pretoria move us with their protests against the exclusion of Black Hair in their schools, Columnist, Linda Isbell, recognizes that perceptions shape our beliefs.  In Answering the Call, Guest Contributor, Yeye Omileye, through Mother Osun, beckons us to wake up; we are invited to honor the Four Elemental Mothers through ceremony.

Garden Spices is “up and out,” and we invite you to question, explore, and take action on your beliefs.  Answer your call; you hold the key to our destination of love. Ase’


His Holiness the Dalai Lama and Yeye Omileye, 2016.


Gate open!


Vicki Goldston, aka, Victorine

Founder, Editor-in-Chief

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