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This Issue: Beginnings!

Happy New Moment!

Curtis “Kojo” Morrow

That is all we can count on, moment to moment.  We had a tumultuous ride in 2016 with the Presidential election and so many transitions of celebrities and those we love, but here we are.  We stand, breathing in the moment of a new year, and we do so with anticipation of life abundant.

Not that it will not take work, this abundant state of being. Sometimes we must look to the past and call upon our ancestors to pull us through.  Our featured Guest Contributor, Curtis “Kojo” Morrow recently paid tribute to the many historical figures and ancestors he thanks for paving his way.  Then, there are times we must take action, as Guest Contributor, Ashley Marie Massey, asserts in Growing Wildflowers: Why I Will March at the Women’s March on Washington.  Of course, as usual, we see ourselves where we are in consciousness and we call upon our souls to tell us how to proceed in mind, body and spirit into the new day.

Thank you, Contributors, for allowing us to glimpse this new day in all its joy, sadness, organization, fortitude, glory, and all it has to give us.  We are ready!

Gate open!

Vicki Goldston

Founder, Editor-in-Chief GARDEN SPICES MAGAZINE

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