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This Issue: Balance!

Loved Ones,

Contributor, Marlon Hayes

We open our gate to the possibility of maintaining our posture on the narrow road of “Balance.” Narrow, because it is so easy to fall into the myriad of emotions that keep us embroiled in daily news, narrow because we run to any source of activity to make us feel some semblance of peace of mind and/or joy, we detach to see this teeter-tottering, and search for a way to find harmony.  Through their personal experience, our Contributors guide us into some understanding about why this process is sometimes daunting and how they catch their balance.

Our featured image is of Contributor, Marlon Hayes, who invites us to meet Duck, the alternate part of him that allows him to find balance.  Along with other reminders, RJ Starr makes the appeal to stay in the moment, in “Gaps of Chaos.”  In “Goin’ In:  A Cool Drink to Balance Racism,” we get personal insight on the gift of the movie Black Panther and its impact on a community that has been thirsty for too long.  In “Quantum Balance,” Contributor, Robert V. Gerard, invites us to find our way to the creativity within us, a part of our DNA.  All of our contributors share their beams and how they stay on balance. (Pun intended for celebrating Winter Olympics).

Big time announcement:  Guest Contributor, Dr. Russell Clayton celebrates the release of his book, The Greater You, The Journey of Awakening. We have been awaiting this gem. In the realm of mind, body, spirit balance, it is an empowering prescription.  What are you waiting for?

Gate open!

Vicki Goldston Founder, Editor-in-Chief GARDEN SPICES MAGAZINE

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