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There is Strength in the Knowing

Today, I was gifted an orchid.  It was literally the busiest time of the year and I was closing a boutique. There were gifts to buy and gifts to wrap for our wonderful customers. There were goodbyes to be said and tears shed. I kept thinking … How am I going to keep this orchid alive?

It was the final day and final hour of the boutique. The last customer stayed and held my hands and prayed until tears flowed from our eyes. I knew it was the right decision, despite the questions of why. I repeated, it’s time to elevate my dream. I could stay for several more years and watch the fullness of my desires diminish. It was the last of everything.

The final call and I stood in my strength exhausted for hugs, conversations, autographs and pictures. I thought to myself, “That ended as perfectly as the orchid.” I had to find strength to pack, inventory and store all the beauty that made the boutique beautiful. We pulled every artfully curated tree branch from the wall, packed stained glass lamps, rolled hand loomed rugs and removed all signs that ever existed from the walls. The orchid was shuffled from the cash wrap to the chair, and later to the floor. There was nothing left to stand, sit or rest upon. I was left with my handbag and the orchid.

Echoes confirmed my departure as I thanked the space for all the delicious experiences we shared with our amazing customers. It was as if I commanded all my energy from the walls, the paint and the planks to escort me to the final closure. And when I turned the key … All my energy and strength stood within me and around me as I bid my final farewell.

While driving to my new art studio, there was a quietness, as a light snow began to fall.  It was time to rest and refocus, as I placed the orchid on a stack of boxes. It was the eve of New Years Eve and I found my strength as a loose bead fell from a box that I shifted to sit upon. I had come full circle – back to designing. I realized in that moment, I had missed it so. I placed the bead in the soil of the orchid and asked for a blessing of renewal.Locking the door, I headed home to celebrate all that there was and all that there will be. I had completed the circle.

I was alone in the stillness of my decision and all was well. The chapter was complete and I knew, I left as I arrived … Like the orchid, gracefully.

Meaning & symbolism of the orchid – The most highly coveted of ornamental plants, the delicate, exotic and graceful orchid represents love, luxury, beauty and strength.

Your Strength Is In The Knowing.

Happy New Year


Everyday Elegance

– Takara Beathea Gudell, Style Editor “After 30+ years of experience, it is my passion to design simply delicious clothing that inspire women to walk in their power.” 

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