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The Possible Nature of Freedom

Freedom penetrates our minds and heart with a great deal of variation. I am not concerned how Freedom serves our choice of ice cream flavors or for auto colors, rather to focus on the Nature of Freedom. Many concepts of Freedom exist, and we shall endeavor to touch upon two of its unique characteristics.

I consider the notions of Freedom to actually be spectacular concepts within each culture. It also finds its place in religiosity and within the politically governed. Is it a right or a privilege? Is Freedom taught or an inherited process? There again, are there limitations placed on Freedom?

Freedom is not only a quest or something to achieve; it is also a reality. When you hold a newborn babe in your arms, you can perceive the innocents of its Freedom? Can this perception serve as an experience for you? Then again, realize the immense capacity of dependency the newborn babe placed upon you (don’t dare drop me). Are you conscious of the rapid shifts in Freedom between you and the newborn? Freedom is everywhere at every perception you make, and every breath you take.

Is Freedom inherited? Do you consider that the Soul of the newborn just came from Heaven? Think of it—not only can a babe sh…t in its pants anywhere in the world, it can also cry, laugh and hallucinate freely anywhere. But now on Earth, things must change. The child must learn to adapt. What do you perceive when observing little babies and toddlers adjust to the their environment with regards to their Freedom? For the most part, they don’t care, but internally, they are forming their ego and their behavior more rapidly than you may understand. They are testing their boundaries: their span of Freedom.

As a child, can you remember hearing your first “No!” What a Shocker! Bummer! Freedom was instantly halted. Things aren’t free any more. Just as we have to learn how to speak, we must learn how to exercise our Freedom. So, as communication is a learned behavior, I speculate that Freedom may be a learned behavior, as far as living on Earth goes.

Let’s take a larger view of what the Nature of Freedom can be defined as. Maybe even find its place within the consciousness of mankind. One of the best places to start is with our first parents: Adam and Eve. Oh yeah, they had Freedom in the so-called “Garden of Paradise.” Then they ate the dessert of darkness, and somehow their Freedom disappeared. Despite the lack of facts surrounding this transitioning, a major incident occurred. It was a shift in consciousness, but to what extent? For me, it was cataclysmic!

We can infer that Adam and Eve lost their privilege to unlimited Freedom, or at least experienced a sudden shift in it. But the good news, in my opinion, is that it was inherited. Delving into the process, if it were true that Freedom is a privilege, does that connote that a higher form of intelligence is in charge? And what governs the limitations or restrictions placed upon that Freedom?

Now the big postulation: if Freedom is indeed governed by a higher intelligence, say God, then does that imply that it is also possesses a Universal characteristic, not restricted solely to our Earthly planet? Better put, is Freedom a Universal State of Existence? I equate my thoughts to the word “Kingdom” as that implies a physical territorial state, whereas “Freedom” may imply a psychological territorial state— each having its morals, membership, laws and boundaries of existence. Both have similar characteristics, but one being ethereal. Maybe exercising aspects of Freedom serves as a behavioral characteristic to channel our creative endeavors and explorations within the Spiritual Realms. Sounds like Heaven to me.

It could be surmised that the Freedom harbors being a privilege, though avails each of us the opportunity to learn the plethora of variations that Freedom offers, while accepting the premise that Freedom is an inherited state some how programmed in our DNA. And even to mention DNA, infers a body-like notion that Freedom has spatial characteristics as well.

Finally, whether for the individual or the masses, when we look at the higher realms of Freedom, we might be able to look back and see how much we took for granted, learned and seized advantage of our Freedom. Is the quest for Freedom an intrinsic motivator for Life or an unconscious expression of our Life? Either way, we may also better understand its place in the Universe. So, enjoy your free time and play you’re your Freedom.

Have Fun, Peace and Health,

Dr. Robert V. Gerard

© 2016 Robert V Gerard


-Dr. Robert V. Gerard

Robert V. Gerard brings 49+ years experience in Senior Management, Financial and Marketing. He currently serves as a Senior Partner within Green Way Pavements directing Financial, Marketing and Training Operations. Previously Dr. Gerard was the publisher of Oughten House Publications. He keeps a super positive attitude and enjoys presenting information to enlighten individual pursuits in both personal and business sectors. Dr. Gerard’s educational and professional qualifications include AAS (Associate in Applied Science) in Civil Engineering Technology; B.S. in Social Psychology; M.S. in Human Resources Management; and a, Doctorate in Metaphysical Philosophy and Spiritual Psychology.

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