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The Positive Power of You: Directional Frequency

Where are you going? Are you moving in the direction of your dreams and desires, or are you wandering along, going through the familiar motions of well-worn routines? 

Your direction is something to think about. What direction is your life taking? And do you realize that your life experiences are yours to create? 

Have you noticed that when something you consider aggravating starts your day, the rest of the day follows suit? The whole day seems to deliver continuous aggravation. Likewise, when you are in a happy-go-lucky mood, the birds seem to sing, flowers bloom, and red lights are nowhere in sight. This is the resulting direction of your frequency. This is your vibrational flow. 

Your thoughts are electrical, and your emotions are magnetic. Thoughts create electrical frequencies, and you interact with the world around you accordingly. Haven’t you noticed that a bad mood could snowball for a good period? Why is that? Well, it’s because you have aligned with whatever frequency you are sending out into the world. When your thoughts send out into the vibrational world that your day stinks, the electrical signal will find experiences with that frequency; then, the emotional magnetism draws you to any number of matching experiences. The electrical universe is very obedient and doesn’t make choices for you. You have all the power to steer your experiences according to your desires. That isn’t always an easy task as we have a human experience, and as such, we have a roller coaster of emotions to deal with daily. Understanding your vibrational field will help you navigate through your daily ride of emotions and learn to make intentional choices of which direction you will either continue to flow or change course and reroute your journey. 

It is so important to know that the choice is always yours to make. 

So as we go about our daily routines and start paying attention to which direction our flow is going, how then do we intentionally change course? 

  1. First is being aware of your flow and learning how and where you are flowing. Awareness is a game-changer, and life now becomes your game to play instead of life playing you. 

  2. Find ways to assist you in changing your direction. What works for one person may not work for another. Some great ideas are music, dance, meditation, yoga, napping, walking in nature, journaling, and noticing anything and everything to thank you. 

  3. Affirmations are powerful tools to set your course for the day and when you need a shift or change in direction. 

You are an amazing being of frequency, and you hold all the power of where you go and what you experience. Your life is your journey. Your Life is Your Flow and Always Your Choice. 

You can get more information at my website

You will find links to my best selling Amazon book “Vibrational Badassery” 

and a mini-course “Alignment and The Quantum You”            

M. LaRae, M. Sc. 

Metaphysician, Author and Motivational Speaker, 

M. LaRae is passionate about helping others understand their vibrational field. Specializing in Quantum Reset, she guides you to realizing your energetic potential and unleashing your Vibrational Badassery. Your life is yours to create, and she wants to help you create it your way. 

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