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The Dreaming Dilettante: Change

Change the channel change your shirt change the font on this report Change jobs Change relationships Did you want your change?

Change religions Change parties Change now Change tomorrow Change your thoughts Change your mind Change your belief window

Change hands Change lanes Change our last name Change your Facebook relationship status too soon Change cars Change the station Change your attitude

Or just be.

– Michele Fawcett

Written on 12-13-2012

Michele Fawcett is a writer, a crafter, an artist, a photographer, a poet, Mom, wife, pet sitter and a lover of all things creative! Michele’s first and foremost passion is her family which consists of her husband & best friend, Scott; her daughter, her son, and a menagerie of furkids (3 cats). After her family her next focus is creativity which is always expressed through writing and art. She has facilitated two writers groups: one for poets and the other for writers of all mediums. She has published her own book The Real Princess Story. Michele believes within the core of her being that we can all live the life we want, pursue our passions and not feel so worn out by the “day job.” She loves to share things that interest her as well as products she enjoys making and using such as Soy Candle Making – Dusty Rose Candles, Tarot Readings through her Etsy Shop, jewelry making – South Hill Designs by Michele; cards, paper crafts and gifts – Stampin’ Up… and more! Michele runs a blog on her website The Dreaming Dilettante where she shares her own journey to live a life of creative expression that supports her priorities, her family and her dreams. You can rest assured that this Dreaming Dilettante will always have something new and exciting to share!

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