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Tapioca Pearls Dessert

Tapioca Pearls Dessert is an Indian dessert. It is often had by people when they fasting according to some Hindu traditions. However, it makes a wonderful dessert for all occasions. This recipe is very light and fast to make, and you can serve it chilled or warm. Tapioca pearls are starch from the cassava root.


Tapioca pearls – 1/2 cup

Milk – 4 cups

Chopped dry fruits – 1 tbsp

Saffron – a pinch

Cardamom powder – a pinch

Sugar – 1/2 cup or to taste


1. Soak tapioca pearls in water for two hours.

2. In a pot boil 1/2 cup of water and 4 cups of milk.

3. Add the sugar, saffron and cardamom to the pot.

4. Let the liquid simmer on low flame until you can smell the aroma of the saffron and cardamom.

5. Add the tapioca pearls in the pot to get a thick consistency.

6. Add the chopped dry fruits to the pot. You can also garnish the top with them.

7. It is ready to serve and enjoy.

8. If you would like to serve it as a cold dessert, leave it in the refrigerator for a couple of hours and it will be ready.

– Rasila Mamtora

Rasila Mamtora loves nature because she believes nature is the only thing that keeps us alive. She feels the energy between all living things. Rasila is an Indian woman born in small beautiful village named Limdi in Gujarat, India. She has lived in a large-joint family who care about each other. She recollects her Grandma treating her and her siblings with natural aroma medicine when they were sick. Rasila’s Grandma was a strong believer of ‘Au Naturel’. She feels she has inherited the trade genetically. Rasila feels God speaks every hour in nature and through its unlimited broadcasting system . “We must be willing to tune in. GOOD LUCK don’t forget to smile,” she says.

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