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Stand with Rebel Music: Native America

My English ancestors came to America before the American Revolution. Buried deep in my Heverly generations, stands one, mysterious, beautiful, lone Native American Woman… I treasure her… She is in my blood! I STAND WITH HER. I STAND WITH HER PEOPLE TOO!!!! Together in strength we can speak TRUTH IN LOVE… Sing words of truth and hope, for All Lives Matter. I STAND, IN STRENGTH, WITH YOU!!!!!

– Laurel Heverly Heiss

Laurel is a singer, songwriter, mentor, teacher, wife, mother, and birth/labor coach, church planter, actress, dancer, writer, producer, crew member at Trader Joe’s Nashville, and founder of “Finding Hope,” a Skype-based counseling/life coach/mentoring program. As a  follower of the teachings of Christ, Laurel has made it her life goal to welcome, encourage and walk alongside others on the journey of discovering lasting hope, speaking truth in love, celebrating the wonders of life, love and JOY of living, in working together on this amazing planet of ours with grateful and peaceful hearts.


Rebel Music is a new doc from MTV, subtitled “Native America,” that tells the story of four Native American artists: Frank Waln, Nataani Means, Mike “Witko” Cliff and Inez Jasper. (Featured in the Cover Photo above from their Facebook page.)

Rebel Music urgently relays the stories of musicians and artists worldwide who are risking their lives to fight oppression and injustice with their creativity, audacity, and courage.

Through their stories and music, this vital six-part series shines light on their struggles and triumphs at the center of today’s global social upheaval, revealing the human dimension of some of the world’s most violent and misunderstood places. For more info visit

Around the world, young people are taking a stand. They refuse to accept current social and political barriers, and are raising their voices to demand change for a better future. They are the driving force of political upheaval today. They know what they want. They are fearless – often putting their lives on the line.

And their common expression is music. The anthems of protest rise up in underground punk-rock shows in Yangon. Revolutionary hip-hop in the barrios of Caracas. Drumbeats in Istanbul street protests. The pulse of electronic dance music across Native American communities in North America. The soundtrack is global. And the noise is amplifying as youth connect with each other, onstage and online, and find their collective strength to ignite change for the future on a surge of sound and ideas. You may also visit


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