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Staff of Life Cafe’ and Bed and Breakfast: Vegan Splendor

Photo by April Vafeas:  Crabcake and Asparagus


My Review:

“If you want delicious Vegan cuisine in a warm Southern setting served by a renowned chef and teacher, visit Staff of Life. Everything I’ve tasted there, from the salad, homemade bread, crab cakes, pasta, and my favorite, chicken cordon bleu, to the delectable carrot and cheesecake cakes and ice cream, I am amazed by and highly recommend. And it’s in Cherokee, AL!!!”

We welcome Staff of Life Cafe’ and Bed and Breakfast to Garden Spices. – Victorine


Driving up to the palatial etsate:  Photo by Thomas Gassier




Established in 1980.

“I’ve been a Vegan Chef for over forty years. Originally from Washington D.C., I moved to Tennessee for my own health at the age of 32, and have been here ever since. I’ve owned and operated several vegan restaurants and have done cooking classes and lecturers all over the country. I’ve done several t.v. shows and frequently appeared on Tennessee Crossroads, and 3ABN television as well. I have several cookbooks which can be purchased on Amazon and Kindle books. Check for links on my website listed. Also Recognized as one of the foremost Black Female authorities on Diet and Nutrition! Lectures and Cooking Classes are given on location”. – Carlyn (Kara) Saunders

For other books published by Carlyn, Go To

the MM Publishing  at top of page and click

on button.  All information concerning

Staff Of Life, Issues Of Life and Medical

Missionary Publishing can be found through

our web site.


Grounds and veranda, kitchen, gallery, and one of the bedrooms


About Us

“Our business specializes in making our customers feel welcomed and at home! We try to introduce you to an entirely new way of thinking about food! I specialize in making the best tasting vegan dishes that will bring you back for more! From crab cakes to New York cheesecakes. All Vegan and delicious

We Teach Basics Of Healthy Cooking, Principles Of Balance And Vegan, Vegetarian Cooking Techniques. If You’re Ready To Make healthful changes in Your diet and don’t know where to begin, these classes are for you.

We Offer Dietary Consultations, Menu Planning As Well As Weight Loss Programs!”


Always fresh salad, served with homemade bread.


Vegan Chicken and Waffles

Review and food images photographer, April Vafeas: 

“My mind is blown, y’all. I just ate at the new vegan cafe in Cherokee and I kid you not, if you didn’t know it was vegan, you’d swear this was chicken. I highly recommend Staff of Life cafe, even to all my meat eating friends. Absolutely delicious!

Grilled iceberg salad, garlic bread

Vegan chicken and waffles

Vegan crabcake with asparagus


Vegan Carrot Cake


Granddaughter, server, one of the dining rooms, and Owner, Chef Carlyn Saunders with Dr. Deborah Carter and Dorothy Carter.


Chef Carlyn Saunders

Chef Carlyn is an Author of several Cookbooks 

featuring hundreds of  recipes. Her books 

are now available on Amazon and ebook 

Kindle. To view or purchase click on the

 following links: 


Walking it up!

Website: Email:

Phone:  256-359-4386

Address:  200 Easterwood Street

Cherokee, AL. 35616

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