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Simba Foluke’s Drumbeat

Simba Foluke is a professional performer of West African style drumming.  He has taught and performed in the Knoxville City School System and African festivals around the country.  In 2007, Foluke established the American African Drummers, a company that trains professional drum performers.  He feels that drumming changed his life and can transform the community.


Simba Foluke bringing Djembe to the classroom

The Djembe drum is the reason I live happily today; without it, I would be in jail or dead.  I grew up in an impoverished community; and the odds were against me being successful.  I have been playing the Djembe drum since the age of 8yrs old; and I love it! The feeling I get from the music, the interaction with the crowds and the collaboration with the dancers is my joy. I want to share the gift of Djembe, in hopes that it will save someone else’s child and help others.  We have the opportunity and the responsibility to give back what has been given to us.  I am Simba Jimiyu Foluke’, a product of music’s ability to transform and unite people.

Foluke was taught by some of the Key Master African and American drummers of our time including:  Famadou Konate, Bolokada Conde, Kroungbana Conde, Ally Sillah, Sundiata Keita, Weedie Braimah, Moshea Million, Tommy Musa Smith, Nelija Calhoun, Amara Camara, and Shaka Sulu.  His drumming style is a fusion of his former teacher’s techniques mixed with his own creative genius.  Currently, Foluke has developed Drums Power Unity as a way of  introducing and teaching the community what has impacted his own life.


Drum workshop at the C.O.R.E. Center, Muscle Shoals, AL

Drums Power Unity is a one-week drum performance camp in North Alabama, designed to empower and unite a sundry group of individuals ranging from ages 7 to 65 through the restoration and preservation of Traditional West African Drumming and Oral history.  Our GOAL is to offer a free of charge experience to 50 students. Just $20 or more per person, will provide a positive place to teach the stage performance and camp materials (drums, camp tee shirts, costumes, lunches, etc.).  We at Djembe Ile’ expect the outcome of such a camp to stimulate mental, physical, and emotional healing in each of our students. This stimulation will result in more centered and present individuals, and thus more holistic communities of tomorrow.

Foluke bows to the language of the drums and their power to speak life to the universe.


The Djembe Ile’ team thanks you in advance for your help and donation by July 17, 2015.

Information derived from gofundme website and C.O.R.E. Center flyer


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