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Shout-out to David Walton: Choosing Peace, Love, and Mother Earth

David “Hummingbird”Walton is a peace and love troubadour whose music brings joy worldwide. In this time of challenging upheavals, his music becomes a lighthouse for affirming the best of us and for our planet.  Walton has recently released a CD, which is a culmination of his spirit-filled music.


“Alabama native David Walton writes music from the heart, informed by his extensive travels in North America and Hawaii and his life experiences. Growing up along the banks of the Tennessee River in Sheffield, Alabama, gave him a great love and appreciation of the natural world. This love and gratitude for nature and the spirit that connects it all is expressed in his music. David’s message is love. Love for all living beings and for the masterpiece we call “Earth”, conveyed in his songs, and with vocals, guitar, and bamboo flute. ” – cd baby



david walton

David “Hummingbird” Walton

Check out his love note to the universe on itunes or cd baby


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