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Shelter: Healing Self-Portraits of Victoria Lee Antoine-Fisher


Actually, I discovered her dramatic artwork at a First Friday art walk in Florence, AL.  When searching for someone to format my book and to do promotional artwork, I remembered Victoria Lee Antoine-Fisher.  Her artwork was compelling and her spirit was warm and strong.  She continues to impact the universe with her work. – Victorine


“My art is my therapy when I get in a dark mood.” – Victoria Lee Antoine-Fisher


From her website:

“Victoria Antoine Fisher (Victoria Lee) has been an artist for as long as she can remember. She is mostly self taught, but did take art as a elective in junior high and high school. And then in her 30’s she entered Northwest Shoals Community College and earned an Associates Degree in Art.  She then acquired a BFA in Graphic Design at The University of North Alabama.

Victoria says she eats, drinks, and breathes art. Her strengths include elective design and communication skills, a thirst to learn everything current, the ability to visually conceptualize one’s ideas, problem solving, breaking communication barriers and intelligent design solutions. These skills along with her talent as an artist set her apart from the ordinary.

Although Victoria’s current works are derived digitally, she has all the brushes a traditional artist might have, maybe more.  She loads her brush with colors she chooses, just as a traditional artist does. She puts her digital brush to canvas and brushes each stroke as a traditional artist would. The only difference is there is no mess to clean up when the painting is finished.

Victoria has a Fine Arts Degree and is fluent with her brushes in the traditional methods.  However, in her most recent works she has chosen to exercise her new digital skills she has mastered so well.  Her digital art creations are inspired and are far advanced and set apart from the normal concept of digital art. She does not simply load a photo and apply filters, she paints. Paintings are then downloaded to canvas and detailed out with oils.”

“Lupus”; self-portrait June 22, 2019

“A visit to her private studio affords everyone a view of the artist’s creativity through reality with a spiritual essence – life as she sees it – some of it pretty, some of it not so pretty. She claims that her works are honest and of truths and definitely inspired by God.”


-Victoria Lee Antoine Fisher

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