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Wisdom – The voice of God as the source of our understanding. It is when we make the decision, commit ourselves to God, and are willing to place our stuff on the shelf, that we begin to hear God. It is this hearing that develops the Revelation, “To he who has an ear let him hear..” ear. This developed ear is in tune with the Whole Spirit of God. This Whole Spirit of God is where wisdom resides.

Follow me here, What did God create? Creation. The wisdom here is that all of creation exists only to be supportive of you in all your endeavors. In the beginning God, breathed the very breath / life of itself into each and every one of us. Those you like, even those you don’t like. That same breath / life exists in everything in creation, that was created for the sole purpose of supporting you and providing you all that you will ever need. The key is when you understand this, you nourish and care for all of creation for it is your provision. This is the wisdom of the ages.

In conversation one evening, I was listening as someone shared a difficult person that they were dealing with. Of course she was sharing what she liked and didn’t like, stating preferences which is okay. Now, she as well as I didn’t do the Law of Attraction, (LOA), perspective as we debriefed because neither of us adhere to it. Once you come to oneness, LOA becomes a secondary law and secondary laws are what, boys and girls??? They are secondary laws. No more, no less. But as we unpacked things, wisdom, the voice of God as the source of our understanding, dictated that she possessed a skill to help this person. So like it or not, get back to work. She had previously entertained a concept that God cares about what we like and don’t like when we get an assignment, if you will. After talking with me, and gaining wisdom, not so much anymore.

Sometimes as we get used to the “new” dispensation in God, we feel a bit off balance. And why not? Things are in divine order for the first time in this incarnation, and we are consciously aware of it. The experiences we desire are showing up in our lives. This we don’t know as of yet, so we think. But really we do know it. Wisdom, the voice of God as the source of our understanding says, “Its written on the Book of Life within your soul.” We have read it, are just now are experiencing it, but so what?  Shoot, turn within for a re-read and get excited again!

Ask, trust, obey the instruction that you receive. There is guidance provided to direct you and steer you to the fulfillment that is yours in this life. Exercise the wisdom that God inherently placed within you to know that, that which fulfills you is different from that which fulfills someone else. Like snowflakes, no two are alike. But in that, wisdom, the voice of God as the source of our understanding, states that all are individualized points of awareness within this is God itself. No two are alike, as we are one.

Wisdom, the voice of God as the source of our understanding states, Love God. Do that its cool. I know, God carries a lot of baggage. But Wisdom, the voice of God as the source of my understanding just asked me, if it was alright by you, for God to let go of the baggage with you so you can hear Its voice? As God’s mouthpiece, I’m yours too as it works both ways, I answered for you. I told wisdom, “YES!”

– Rev. Bobby

The Reverend Doctor Robert I. Yarbrough is an independent New Thought Minister, trained and steeped in Fillmorian Theology.  He is a writer, author, lecturer, workshop / seminar facilitator and former television host, of “Eating From The Tree Of Life” in Chicago. His extraordinary Bible skills led him in his two year series on the book of The Revelation, where Rev. Bobby shared the secrets recorded in the most loving book in the Bible with others.  His unique presentation style places audiences at ease which is always conducive for them to come away with some spiritual meat that they can immediately apply to their lives. In his newest book, 28 Days A Journey Within, Rev. Bobby establishes the bridge necessary for those ready to breakthrough and move all of their desires into manifest reality.  Reverend Bobby is also a board member of the X-Tend-A-Hand Ministry in Chicago. He handles all pastoral care duties and functions as the non-profit expert as he incorporated the ministry and developed the 501 (c) (3) package. Rev. Bobby also fields, initiates and handles all communication between X-Tend-A-Hand and the government agencies that have oversight responsibilities for non profit organizations.


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