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Artist Cecil Bernard was born in Austin, Texas, and started drawing at the age of six. He moved to Dallas when he was ten years old, living there until adulthood. He started selling art while in high school and later while attending Southwestern Adventist University in Keene, Texas.  


Bernard’s acrylic abstracts, pastel paintings and ink sketches exhibit great power. “Passion, color, texture, spontaneity, and balance are the core of my acrylic abstract paintings and contemporary jazz and music pieces,” says Bernard.

“Inspired by the struggle, humor and spirituality in the balance of life, I paint – usually without a brush.” Bernard’s unique method of painting – often using his hands, cardboard or rags – has become one of his trademarks. “I pour the paint, I throw it, I drop it and I spray it,” he says. “Colors have value in every painting, and color itself is spiritual, if arranged in a manner that speaks to the soul and stirs the passion of the beholder. Every painting tells a story. No matter how simple, no matter how complex.” 


Bernard, whose work often depicts musicians and athletes, began to attract the attention of numerous celebrities in the 1970’s and today notable athletes, entertainers and serious art collectors worldwide proudly showcase his work in their homes and places of business. Bernard’s work has been exhibited in fine art galleries throughout the southeastern United States and overseas and has been featured in numerous art shows.





Carole J Artist, is a Los Angeles visual artist, writer and former model. She serves as a Los Angeles Committee Member for the Arts at the Mayors Office and serves on Department of Cultural Affairs committee for Latino Heritage Month and African-American Heritage Month. Also, Carole J’Artist is a judge in Fine Arts for the NAACP Act-So Scholarship Program. She was also a member of the Screen Actors Guild Nominating Committee for years. ” My social life is the Arts, because art/creativity gives so much to me. It is what I breathe.” My goal is to bring exposure to and relevance to all Artists and help to elevate the consciousness of creative possibilities for All.”




#Art ~. Symbols ~ I was putting on #LipStick. ? One day, and saw that, it so, like why do we need #color on our #Lips ?

And why is it shaped like another #stick , or is it meant to stick to the lips , but it never does permanently? So we keep applying, the stick to our lips , and the satisfaction is , the fuller,more , colorful lips?  Go figure. Wonder what #Freud would say.





James Gayles is an Emmy Award winning artist based in Oakland, California. James attended Pratt Institute in New York, where he studied under renowned painters Jacob Lawrence and super realist Audrey Flack.

James has won public art commissions from cities across the US and Asia. He is very committed to cultivating artists and sharing his work in the Bay Area where he has lived for the last 20 years.



Nelson Mandela





As a commercial artist early in his career, he established himself in New York as a Graphic Designer and illustrator, becoming Assistant Director of Graphics at NewsCenter 4, NBC-TV. At NBC he won a television Emmy Award for design and illustration.

James is also a two-time winner of Art Direction Magazine’s Creativity Award, one for the NewsCenter 4 logo redesign, and the other for an editorial illustration for the New York Times. James has illustrated for McGraw-Hill, Random House, Essence Magazine, Black Enterprise Magazine, as well as several advertising agencies on both the East and West coasts.





James Gayles’ first book,”Reflections” is a collaboration of James, Pochino Press and more than 20 national and international writers hailing from cities as diverse as London, Tokyo, New York, Addis Ababa, Taipei, and of course, Oakland. Each writer interpreted one of James’ pieces from over the years including paintings of Miles Davis, Nina Simone, Celia Cruz, Nelson Mandela, and Sarah Vaughan. –Pochino Press

James Gayles

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