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Quiet Thunder


And yes, tomorrow morning I will don my kurtah and kuffiyah and make my way to the local mosque –

my every footstep a quiet thunder, warning the world ahead that my Muslimness is queer and alive and on

its way. And yes, when I arrive, I will be both repulsed by the overgrown masculinity I find there and

tickled to the very base of my loins by it all. And yes, my God, my Grace, my Allah will once again

sweep through me, clearing the skies of my psyche of any doubt that I am made of and for every kind of

love. And yes, when the Imaam weeps, as he always does while delivering his final Du’aa, my tears will

fall in unison with his as they always do, while we pray that in corners of the globe like Syria and

Palestine and Kabul and Peshawar the obscene muscle of war will no longer hold dominion.

Eid Mubarak, mense!


-Faeez Van Doorsen ‘Since graduating with an Honors Degree in Dramatic Art for the University of the Witwatersrand, Faeez Van Doorsen has worked as a television writer and content producer for some of South Africa’s leading production houses. He is currently playing his trade as a freelance copywriter and working on a collection of short stories with a focus on the lives of LGBTIQ people of colour across the country.’

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