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Powerhouse: The Twilite Tone

Chicago born and raised, Anthony Khan aka The Twilite Tone, is a pioneer and powerhouse in Chicago Hip Hop. Today, Tone has been bringing Hip Hop music to purist all over the world.

A Grammy nominated producer and DJ, Tone has been creating his art for almost 25 years and has worked with many successful artists such as: Kanye West (Tone received the Grammy nomination for his production of Kanye’s song Mercy), John Legend, and Common, whom he occasionally tours with and acts as his musical director.  He has performed on: The Jimmy Fallon Show, Jimmy Kimmel, Ellen, Wendy Williams, and many of the BET Hip Hop Awards shows.  Currently he is producing and mentoring some up and coming artists, and he has an upcoming release of a song he created addressing gang violence in Chicago, which the Leo Burnett Advertising Agency asked him to produce.

Tone’s interest in music started when he was just a small child listening to the music on his parents’ favorite radio show in Chicago.  When he was only three he could name all of the artists he heard on the radio, and his parents loved to show him off to other friends and family by asking him to demonstrate this talent.  By the time he was thirteen and in eighth grade he had gathered an extensive collection of albums and was experimenting with deejaying.   By the time he was fifteen and in his sophomore year in high school he was deejaying at local teen clubs and perfecting his craft.  After high school he attended a college for the Arts studying Sound Engineering.   All the while he was creating and selling “beats.”  He left school after realizing he was already more advanced than the classes he was taking, and  he was already making a living doing what he was studying. Anthony’s first glimpse of stardom was when he and his friend since adolescence, Common (formerly Common Sense), made their first album “Can I Borrow a Dollar?” in which Tone produced most of the tracks.  He also performed on the video.   This album was instrumental in Tone being recognized as a serious producer.

Recently, Tone has added “performance artist” to his list of talents.   Teaming-up with a Chicago artist, the duo provides a fusion of art and music being created simultaneously in front of a live audience. Although passionate about music, Tone is also very passionate about his two sons, Caleb, 15, and Asher, 11.  He practices yoga, and subscribes to healthy living, which helps sustain him through his busy schedule.

– Indria Khan Perrilloux

Indria Khan Perrilloux is a native of Chicago but currently lives in Louisiana.  She is a wife, grandmother, and a professional counselor.  She is also the mother of two sons, including the Grammy nominated producer, Anthony Khan/The Twilite Tone.


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