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Our Shortest Journeys


I’ve heard a few colleagues, as well as myself state: “…the shortest journey one must take is about thirteen inches—from the head to the heart.” For most, that journey doesn’t occur too often, as the majority of people, especially in western cultures are preoccupied with greater and more challenging tasks. But in the end of it all, when the time to reflect arises, the notion of “What’s my purpose in Life, and where I am going” surfaces.

Speed, distance and endurance dominate most sports and recreational activities. But as any good sport psychologist would coach you, it’s your inner focus zone that makes all the difference. It’s that zone that brings you back to yourself. It’s the zone that can instantly shift you into a high and extraordinary gear for you to accomplish your goal or pursuit.

I often coach my clients that their brain (or mind, depending) serves their heart. That is to say, your “heart does not serve your brain.” Virtually every Walt Disney movie summates the moral of their story line to “Follow your heart.” I guess that’s why Disney productions are so successful. It works well for the kids, but when you really come down to it all, Disney movies are really geared for the adult.

Imagine if our world leaders put their heart into governance? What’s good for my people and my neighbors? Wow, would that change things. But the sadness of it all is that most leaders put their rational mind into gear and seek power. Keep society aware from feeling heart-driven and you can better drive the crowds your way.

There’s another great mystery as it relates to the “Journeys” and I call these the Inner Shift Journeys. Everything that can communicate has a consciousness. In essence, each of us has three states of consciousness. And you constantly shift consciousness between sub-consciousness and unconsciousness. How we journey in and out or in between these states should be examined, and not taken for granted.

Here’s why? I have faith in the continuum of Life and that our Souls migrate us from one-life-time into another. My friend, Joe, does not believe that, instead, he says, “…we only have one life. It’s all now or never.” Sub-consciously, Joe’s has a belief system that dictates how his conscious state behaves and lives in that reality of only “one Life.” Some people don’t even give it a thought, living unconsciously about their reality throughout their lives. On the other hand, some people take their lives seriously and have passion to live fully, healthy and passionately.

When do you become aware of our shifts in consciousness? Are we aware of our journeys between these three states of being? As we awaken to the beauty that each of us carry, we constantly examine who we are and what our behaviors express. In a nutshell, our awareness serves as the key element of our being.

The benefit of all this demonstrates our efficacy for change—for better or worse. Do we want to become masters of our fate or circumstance of our ignorance?

It’s time to journey into our lives and claim our future. This can only be done when we sense how our journeys affect us, give us messages, and permit our intuition to blossom. After all, our shortest journey prevails our longest journeys.

Have Fun, Peace and Health,

Dr. Robert V. Gerard

Copyright© 2017 Robert V Gerard


-Dr. Robert V. Gerard

Robert V. Gerard brings 49+ years experience in Senior Management, Financial and Marketing. He currently serves as a Senior Partner within Green Way Pavements directing Financial, Marketing and Training Operations. Previously Dr. Gerard was the publisher of Oughten House Publications. He keeps a super positive attitude and enjoys presenting information to enlighten individual pursuits in both personal and business sectors. Dr. Gerard’s educational and professional qualifications include AAS (Associate in Applied Science) in Civil Engineering Technology; B.S. in Social Psychology; M.S. in Human Resources Management; and a, Doctorate in Metaphysical Philosophy and Spiritual Psychology.


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