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New Directions: Joy A Product of Thankfulness/Gratitude or Appreciation

Joy – the word for our next issue – but how do we get and sustain a state of joy?  Many options using energy medicine have been explored in previous articles so I would like to come at this from a different point of view this time.

Much has been written most recently and really for quite some time about the vehicle to reach joy being a state of thankfulness or gratitude.  However, when listening to an “Abraham” presentation a very different perspective was offered.  I am going to do my best to explain in my own words what was discussed.  Hopefully, this may be food for thought and change your world too.

When you think about the components of gratitude or thankfulness, one thing never “jumped out at me” before.  As the discussion was taking place the explanation regarding gratitude and thankfulness moved in a very interesting and different direction.  To be in gratitude/thankfulness a lot of us – yes, are thankful/grateful for the good things in our lives, but usually we come to those conclusions based upon comparison of the “not so good” stuff that we have managed to somehow overcome or avoid.  Also, we may have many experiences that we choose not to feel kindly about. but if we are thinking about them at all, we are probably lowering our vibration.

Thus, from a vibrational standpoint, we are definitely in “dual” mind sending mixed messages to the universe by spoken or unspoken comparison.  The quest for higher vibration and more of the good stuff showing up in our lives is altered by this dualism.

So, what is the answer – the suggestion in the discussion was doing our best to stay in a state of appreciation.  No matter what our experience, if we can find something to lift us up through appreciation we are always in a higher state of vibration and ultimately will attract more and more experiences to really appreciate.

I know this may seem “far-fetched” to a lot of you who have never listened to “The Abraham Materials”.  I also know that some of you may think this is just a matter of semantics and not very powerful – after all these are just words, or are they?  Finally, it also is not an easy choice – at least at first to stay in appreciation.  But as you play with this idea in your life and build a habit of appreciation, I think your world will be changed in magical ways.

May it be so for you and yours – Ashay and Amen / / (256) 764-1153

Linda was raised in the Midwest, graduated from Saint Louis University and hired into a corporate position with Reynolds Aluminum. She met, married and traveled with her husband for a number of years before moving back to his home place – The Shoals in Alabama. There Linda was introduced to life coaching and took to it like “duck to water”. Her empathetic nature coupled with a desire to help people help themselves; led her to and through a number of certifications, in different modalities. Linda currently practices as a Wellness Coach plying her trade in Florence, Alabama

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