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Music, Grands, and Celebrating Life

In April I danced in the French Quarter, had oysters on Bourbon Street and hot beignets from Café du Monde. We celebrated living, experiences, love and happiness and life with music playing as we walked each street. They celebrate in New Orleans!! They have music, food, laughter, shows, drinks, singing and dancing!!

I love music and I love to dance!! I don’t know if I’m any good at it, but I love it, I can dance for hours and hours.  It’s how I celebrate life and decisions and things that don’t happen that shouldn’t happen and how I stand after falling.

I need music, I need to dance, I need to feel the beat of the song and mouth the words and sing off- key as loud as possible and sometimes get the words wrong and laugh at myself – because it sounds better with my version!

My grandkids remind me daily how vital music is to set the tone of each day. Every weekday morning my grandkids will Facetime me and we dance to some nonsensical tune I create just for them. They’re my personal hype team and I it’s funny how we motivate each other. Their laughter and joy with my nonsensical rhymes, my off-tune voice, and my impromptu dance moves increases my appreciation for each day. We celebrate each morning and create enough laughter to last throughout our day. Their love for life, their smiles and honesty, their love and trust taught me life is more for celebrating than we allow. These special beings taught me how to smile again, how to play and joke and be silly, how it’s okay to sing off-key and laugh at simple mistakes. They taught me that laughter with them is a celebratory event that I can’t afford to miss.

Each Facetime or call with them listening to my made-up songs and silly dances they force me to understand more why celebration is required for each day, why my dancing and singing doesn’t have to be perfect why sometimes, most times we should just celebrate being each day. So, we celebrate, we dance, we have music, and we sing.


Rosalind Stewart-Jackson aka Roz

A fierce mother of five, loving grandmother of 15, Rosalind is full of an overprotective all inclusive love of those who belong to her, she loves fiercely, completely and believes in giving one hundred percent of herself. 

A lover of words, random facts, researching, and the Bible – Roz writes her thoughts, dreams and inspirations to share with her closest friends.

A firm believer of love, life, laughter and loyalty, seeking any opportunity to take a quick road trip or a mini-vacation. 

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