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Maven Magic


My name is Victorine, and  I am proud to be an Essential Elements (EE) Maven!   This status means that I will be tended to on Facebook, e-mail, and in-person, and given a key to the Deal of the Week, a bevy of extraordinary fashions, and always a sprinkle of “You got this, Girl.”  Owner, Melanie Whaley, holds us in the palm of her hand, on Facebook, as we salivate over each item posted daily, but she gently celebrates each of us, tending to our every question and posting our pictures wearing EE clothing.  It’s magical – Victorine

A post:  “Hey Mavens, didn’t want anything, just saying hello!”

An example of “Item of the Week” but when it posts you gotta hurry!


Oh yeah! Mel shops for us!


Not until September 2020…

…but good news!


Trippen boots, among others

Takara Designs and other pins and things

EE has specs


Right:  : Mel! doing what she does best, taking care of us.


I’m all in! GS reader, Lois Crabtree and me wearing an EE tunic.(posted for the Mavens, of course)!

Hip boutique stocking funky, on-trend apparel & accessories for women, plus jewelry & footwear.

Address: 1640 E 87th St, Chicago, IL 606,

Phone: (773) 978-1200

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