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Mary Katherine Murphy


Mary Katherine Murphy sings, plays, acts, and models, and whatever she is performing, it  is with the soul of a woman whose heart is part of the Singing River. This is the same Singing River that drives the Muscle Shoals Sound, and Murphy is a part of the new breed from that legacy. “ I started singing on stage when I was seven. I performed in many musicals,” Murphy recounts. “I picked up guitar in my early twenties and then played bass in a church band for a while which encouraged me to start writing songs.”

Her music and stage presence were inherited from her grandfather. “I am influenced by grand dad’s music by the rhythm it brings to dance,” says Murphy. “He was such a great performer and had so much energy. He was so awesome on the piano. He never thought he had a good voice though. But, he did!” When asked about the attention garnered by the Muscle Shoals film, Murphy said, “I’m grateful for all the attention we are getting here,” but in terms of the female and R&B artists, she notes, “However, as usual, it seems there is an imbalance of who is actually getting the attention.”

Murphy “gets attention” for more than her music. She also models and is an enthusiastic actor. “I am not passionate about modeling except for the fact that the clothes I wear can be simply stunning and that is always fun for a woman. Also, my photographers seem to make me look more beautiful than I feel like I even am,” indicates Murphy. “I never really fully pursued modeling. I just got the calls on various occasions.”   Murphy is a lot more excited about acting. “ I am very passionate about acting because I love to play. I love to pretend. I love to act! It’s so much fun to get out of myself and fully commit to being a whole ‘nother person for a while. I kinda’ had to do it as a kid anyway! That’s a whole ‘nother story.”


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Murphy finds her magic through incorporating both music and acting. “I truly love music because it involves my performance skills as well as my music ability, so I get to incorporate all of it. I do love the medium of the story that I get to play in while acting, but I want to move in a musical direction of storytelling soon. My dream is to write a solid, beautiful, powerful musical one day.

As an advocate for social change, Murphy lends her acting skills to forward the progression of social justice. This, in part, is what fuels her spirit. “Yes, the idea of justice and spirituality go hand in hand with me. I have been wrestling with this, and with God on this, for a very long time,” admits Murphy. “So many people hide, or try to hide, the truth out of fear for so long that I think that is where the justice problem lies. Even the truth about who God really is is constantly being messed with in order for certain people (usually those in power) to benefit from. It’s messed up and I want to have a place in the world to contribute to correcting that. Ideally, fully correcting that universal problem.”

Mary Katherine Murphy is a powerful conductor of her consciousness who invites us all to be within her flow, through her talent. When asked what the word “Family” meant to her, Murphy found it to be provocative:

“Family for me has been very sad and devastating. My father pretty much abandoned us emotionally and physically and psychologically, while somehow also abusing us. So, I got the best of both worlds when it comes to abuse. I say that sarcastically. He was a religious leader; so I suffered from a hell of confusion for many years of my life. Thanks to lovely human beings on the path, I have begun to heal and will hopefully completely heal from it all.

I absolutely adore my two kids and they are my family, although I have had to suffer from not having them due to divorce and have had to struggle with an ongoing relationship with their dad, who has caused a different kind of pain in me. I know we all have our stuff so I’m not complaining but it is my truth and has been my reality and has not been easy to navigate effectively and triumphantly in order for love to win. Family is love and love comes in the purest form from Source so I see them all connecting.”



-Mary Katherine Murphy

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