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Ever been to a party?

Where every guest hates the other

And the host hates them all?!!

Ever seen fear in a stranger’s face?

Hatred in a stranger’s face?

Life is full of interruptions and complications

Lack of love

Lack of friendship

Lack of passion

Lack of compassion

Lack of magnanimity…

We always measure the heap of affection

Measure the magnitude, longitude, height of love

But never count the instances of forgiveness.

To err is human, to forgive divine

And when you forgive you are raised to the divine.

“I missed what you were saying…”

“You missed what I was saying…”

Takes a turn

Driving on Hurt Highway

Intersecting Miserable Avenue

Race to hurt

Race to venge

Race to avenge

Race to revenge

Most bitterness – wins the contest!!

But we forget

Forgiveness invites love

Forgiveness invites harmony

Compassion embraces all those

Whom the world conveniently chooses to leave behind.

It is not whether you connect

But whether you attempt

Whether you understand.

Try the peaceful way and win

Thou shalt not call thy neighbour

“A witch with a capital ‘B’.”

If I don’t agree to all you say

You will smirk and swear


Fight, contest, compete

As long as you have

A strong reservoir of forgiveness across to guard it.

The consequence of anger

Is more severe and painful than the cause of it.

Deactivate the “LET’S FIGHT” mode

Programme it to “I did not come here to argue”

Be like a rose

That perfumes the hands of the one who crushes it.

Identify, recognize, understand

Respect the difference.

Giving is much nobler than taking

Practice magnanimity

Drop a seed of forgiveness in your enemy’s heart

And let it blossom into a tree of hearts

Into a tree of love.

Hug the hitter

Hug the hurter

Hug the hater.

– Pratik Mamtora, Managing Editor

Pratik Mamtora was born & raised in India. He has lived in London, United Kingdom for three years & absolutely loved it there. Pratik has a Bachelor’s in English from India and Master’s (ABD) from UNA.   He loves to read and write, especially poetry. Pratik enjoys coffee & conversation and is passionate about serving  the community. He invests himself in understanding the needs of the modern world and the evolving spirituality within. Pratik is known to walk that extra mile to make others happy. If you ever meet… or when you meet him, Pratik will make you smile.


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