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Losing Life and Growing My Garden

My yard grew freely the past two summers. My husband had died in August of 2012. Since then, I have been too busy trying to figure out my life. Currently and thankfully, I’m recovering from depression. The winter kept kicking out waves of arctic blasts. It was too cold to work in the yard. I had one excuse after another.

Winter backyard

But then, it finally happened. We had a warm sunny day. I couldn’t procrastinate any longer. I got a grip and put it around some pruning shears. Heading out to the first peach tree, I went over in my mind all the information I now have learned. I have also taken an interest in Bonsai. I am dating a Bonsai Teacher! It’s amazing what I have learned. My previous knowledge was, “You have to be able to throw a cat through the center of the tree.” Those instructions are rather vague and my interpretation didn’t work well.

Everything, including the fruit trees, is overgrown and out of control. I walked around my peach tree, studying its growth pattern. I made the first cut! Then another and before I knew it I had pruned away over ½ the tree. And some of my cuts were more like a butcher than a skilled surgeon. Although, I am in high demand at whole hog roasts, this was no hog roast and I hoped the tree would survive.

While shaping the tree, I remembered a Sunday school class. Our topic was “How to prune a bougainvillea”. As our teacher explained each cut, he related it to our human lives. He cut off a branch that was going in the wrong direction. Next he cut off the dead wood. What no longer serves me? I think you get the idea!

I eventually finished all my pruning. It took me a couple of weeks. Now I had to wait till things started growing.

Peggy's Garden

Spring arrived! And as everything is reborn, I am facing my truth! As each tree and plant comes to life, I see the results of my decisions. Almost everything has healed from the drastic pruning. I can see my mistakes but chose to view them as learning experiences. My walk around the yard reveals something new each day. The beauty of each new blossom makes my heart sing. My garden and I are healing beautifully,

I have two 7 month old kittens, Simon and Sheba. I also, have two female dogs, a 10 year old mutt and a 2 year old Pharaoh hound, Cleo and Binx. (Rhymes with Sphinx) I have been drawn to Egypt since childhood. I have a nice collection of Egyptian art. But, my friend thought I needed an Egyptian dog too and brought me Binx. What could I say? Besides, pets are very healing. They can lower my blood pressure and relieve my anxiety. I even read that the vibrations a cat makes when it purrs helps healing their own bones. I wonder what is healing in my body, as I stroke my fuzzy, purring, Simon?

– Peggy Havlik Posch

A retired caterer and florist Peggy has lived in Chicago, Northwestern Indiana and Florida. Passionate about gardening Peggy now calls Killen, AL her home.  Gardening has given her the  ability to be patient. Peggy also loves animals and has raised birds, cats and dogs. Animals make my spirit hum. She is learning to be friends with snakes. She feels like Dr. Doolittle and is at her happiest when she is in her garden, playing with and observing her pets.

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