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Light v/s Dark

It seemed to shout in my head! It became blinding, yet healing. It is presence, it is Now! It was a difficult subject for me to find words for! Hahaha! Bear with me all, my mind wants to jump all over the place on this one.

Who would have thought, least of all myself, that one day I would seek the light above the dark? Growing up, I found a protective embrace from darkness, a protection made from fears’ elements of anger, sadness, depression… It was a great deception! It’s enticing, at first, to the rebellious youth I was. There was power there! Somehow, I found things didn’t work like that. I grew, I evolved, I changed. At times I want to go back in time and smack my little angry self! No, I really want to go back and flood me with all the healing love and light that I now can access! I needed that light, still do, and always will.

I find that an everyday practice for bringing in more light is a must. I can tell when I’ve forgotten, or slacked, or been just plain lazy. That old comfortable darkness starts creeping back in. Blame and judgment of others for my current problems starts up, the dark cycle rearing its ugly head. I’m all out of balance. The first thing I should do is meditate! Ah, but the dark says, ‘You don’t have time’. Really, is it so hard and time consuming to take five minutes to center and balance myself, with light? The dark would have me believe so. Modern American society tells me so. ‘Got to be productive, or you are no good’ seems to still be the mantra of this day and age. It seems to be voices of the dark, which make me want to cover in the comfort of that dark yet again. But no! I must ground in the light! I must BE light! I have to find that dark spot in my life that needs light to heal, and shine that light on it. When I heal, I’m given the opportunity to share light to heal other’s dark. The light gets brighter when more is added. Expanding light to overcome that old darkness!

I find, if I center myself and meditate, sit on the earth, around sunrise, I feel a connection to the earth, and then connect that with a feeling of light; it helps that light to grow!

Many times, I’ll read of arguments and discussion on ‘light vs. dark’. I also have those arguments with myself and a ‘committee in my head’. I often wonder, can one embrace just one or the other? I meet many ‘light only’ beings, and remember many ‘dark only’ beings. Both seem to have no use for the other. Doesn’t light need the dark, as dark needs the light? Light creates shadow, yet without dark, would one know what light is? Can one really feel the effect of one without the other?

The latest science tells us the universe is mostly dark, empty space, and that’s just what we observe, not to mention the dark matter that holds it all together. Hmmm… in space, theoretically, dark empty space holds the light together… Will light increase, will it continue to grow? What part do we little humans play in it? Ahhh, so many questions. I ask myself these maybe too often, and now you, dear reader, get to ask.

As for now, for me, Light is non-judgemental, conscious awareness, ever changing and slowly progressing. Maybe it always will be. I will leave with a blessing. May the light be with you, with me, and may balance be found. Peace.

– Jozzy Allman      

Jozzy is an advocate for health and wellness, of body, mind, and emotions. He shares “what works for (him).”  Jozzy also spins fire and cooks creative cuisine.

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