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Our Ears are Wide Open, and We Need Your Energy!

Updated: May 6, 2023

You are so dynamic in the way you flow. This page is dedicated to hearing your voice on the soul-inspired topic of each issue. Spill the tea!!


QUESTION: With all the happenings going on in the/your world, what do you do to sustain your energy?


Evans Nyarko Badohu, Ghana - A look of an artist... I offer you a moment of my new masterpieces, "tougbedje kplè dèkadjevioo"

I have always kept a positive energy and I believe that in each work that I create, I await the echo of my soul, this voice that guides me to bring out something new. my greatest inspirations are the way I look at everyday life... these emotions that go through me...

Jis Maine, Cleveland, Ohio

At least 1 nap and a half …. Sometimes a good Thunderstorm will induce energy to create… that can last for hours. A good nap will reboot and clarify what you need til bedtime… or for me.. a lil later.

Michael Wisher Ranicicas, NJ

Sleep , tea and exercise.

Mary Larissa Herston, The Shoals, AL

Mindful thinking, not overloading myself with unnecessary tasks, living in the moment, and I sleep when my toddler sleeps. Also helps to surround myself with positive people. Negative energy drains me.

Indigo Artist, Mary Young, Chicago, IL

Good question!! My Art provides the Source for my Creative Energy.

Donald Crossley, Chicago, IL

I try not to listen to Republicans lie.They will drain your energy!

SV Shapiro, Florence, AL

Following retirement from UAB Hospital, I found lots of time available on my hands and wondering what to do. Making my yard lovely and spending more time with our little Dachshunds was my therapy, and volunteering at the UAB Breast Health and Cancer Center I found to be very special.

A number of years have past and our move to God’s Country (Florence, of course), my life has become much less busy. I still work in my yard, and I enjoy sleeping late each morning. I try to keep moving doing something productive most everyday. My three-year-old great grandson visits for a few hours several times a week and he keeps me on me up and running. I love being with my family.

Joslyn Briggs, Fayetteville, GA

Hey now! I take B complex, sea moss, and a supplement called Zero in. Also, I go outside as much as possible for vitamin D. Do Affitmations Daily, keep a project going? Also, I do SAVERS. S- SILENCE, A- Affirmations, V- Visualization, E- Exercise, R- Reading alot, and S- Scribing. Of course, thankfulness and Prayer.

Kijana Mitchell, Montgomery, AL

Vitamin D! (Coming from a law student, mother, and activist!)

Gabriella Fuqua, Florence, AL

i sustain my energy by giving myself permission to “be”, whatever my state of “being” is in that moment. to allow myself to feel, to rest, to be silly, to experience joy, & to exist without waiting for the permission from others to do so. i also sustain my energy by being in community with kindred spirits!

Gayatri Sadhana, Conneticut,

Self discipline, reading self transforming literature- contemplating on those thoughts- making appropriate changes, indulging in selfless service .

Karin Panaino Petersen, South Africa

Friends. An hour over coffee or wine with the right person - someone intelligent and questioning and brave, who questions my assumptions and makes me shift into another gear. And who brings laughter. Always laughter. Whether at myself or at the world.

Glenda Williams

By giving God His praise, then with a positive attitude I start into my day doing more than I should but I have the energy to go on. Nutritious meals, walking, dancing as I work and dealing with whatever confronts me. Remember, a positive attitude energizes you.

Leah Wilbanks

A handful of almonds here and there

Grace Cooper Perkins


Pat Brewer




Vicki Goldston, Founder, Editor-in-Chief

We asked, and you answered! Thanks to all who commented on our question, "How do you sustain your energy?" I'm sure your answers will remind each of us that we have the capacity to thrive, no matter what the circumstances.

July 4th is when our next issue drops. "Thoughts" is the word. We'll be looking forward to reading your comments.

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